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Number Nine Revolution IV

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Tomorrow’s visual technology today! Supercharge your system with 16MB of graphics acceleration for the cost of 8! Revolution IV is Number Nine's latest graphics accelerator, based on our fourth generation 128-bit chip, Ticket to Ride IV. For business, games, or media creation, Revolution IV offers the world's fastest combination of 2D and 3D performance. It is positioned to optimize the performance of Windows NT, Windows 98, and future operating systems.

The digitally equipped Revolution IV-FP version powers high-end digital flat panel displays such as the Silicon Graphics 1600SW and the Radius Artica display from Miro Displays, Inc.

  • Pure 128-Bit Graphics Power
  • 16MB of SDRAM for Extreme performance
  • World's First 128-bit Memory bus to SDRAM
  • Integrated 250 MHz Pallette DAC
  • Hot 3D, Awesome 2D Performance
  • Full-Screen, 30 Frames/second MPEG-II Playback
  • True Color (32-bit) to 1600 x 1200 @ 107Hz
  • Extensive 3D Features for Direct3D and OpenGL APIs


Macintosh Version

The Macintosh version of the Revolution IV appears to use both standard VGA and the traditional Macintosh video port. This version released by Formac.


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