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Number Nine SR9 Series

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The new SR9 Series 2D / 3D / DVD graphics accelerator delivers high-performance futuristic technology at affordable pricing with a rich feature set that enhances your entire gaming or desktop publishing experience! The SR9 is ready for the future with support for both 4X and 2X systems and Digital Flat Panel Monitors. Resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200 and incredible 3D textures of 2K x 2K combined with exclusive Texture Compression (S3TC) deliver images with smoothness and clarity like you’ve never seen before.

Graphics Processor

  • S3 Savage4

Memory Configurations

  • 8, 16, or 32MB SDRAM

Maximum Dot Clock

  • 300 MHz

Horizontal Sync Signals

  • 31.5-115 KHz

Vertical Refresh

  • 60-150 Hz

Video Output Signal

  • Analog
  • Digital support with upgrade module

Video Connectors

  • Standard 15-pin D-shell DDC compatible
  • Modular upgrades for digital monitors

Bus Architecture

  • AGP 2X / 4X

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