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Number Nine Ticket to Ride IV

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Ticket to Ride IV is Number Nine's fourth generation, true 128-bit graphics processor. It offers nearly triple the performance of its predecessor, the award-winning original Ticket to Ride chip. An advanced blending unit, display list processing power, and true color 3D at super high resolutions earned Ticket to Ride the honor of being selected by Microsoft to display their GDI-2K interface at WinHec (Windows Developer Hardware Conference.) Ticket to Ride IV improves upon all these features, positioning itself as technology well beyond the millennium.

Ticket To Ride IV continues the company's commitment to the development of powerful graphics technology for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Macintosh personal computers -- designed for the most demanding corporate, 3D and multimedia graphics users -- including support for HDTV resolutions up to 1920x1080. Newly implemented features include; an Intelligent Resource Processor (IRP), a Programmable Latency Memory Controller (PLMC), and an integrated 250MHz RAM DAC.

Utilizing Number Nine’s proprietary 128-bit WideBus technology, graphics data is channeled by the newly implemented Intelligent Resource Processor (IRP) through multiple 128-bit wide data highways into two separate, yet integrated and tightly coupled 128-bit graphics engines – one for 2D, one for 3D/Video. Utilizing a 128-bit wide, 250 MHz. integrated DAC (digital to analog converter), Ticket To Ride IV enables lower cost, yet powerful graphics solutions to be built that support today’s highest performance monitors at resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 – at very high refresh rates.


  • High Performance 128-bit Visual Processor for 3D, 2D, and Video Desktop Applications
  • Number Nine's exclusive 128-bit Widebus technology
  • 2X AGP and PCI 2.1 compliant
  • Tightly coupled 128-bit 3D/Video and 2D Engine
  • Full 430 MFLOPs Floating Point 3D Rendering Pipeline
  • True Color/High Color 3D Rendering
  • 32-bit Precision Z-buffer
  • 24-bit Digital Data Output
  • Integrated 128-bit, 250MHz Pallete DAC
  • Optimized SDRAM/SGRAM/WRAM Interface
  • Memory Configuration up to 32MB
  • 128-bit WRAM support(256-bit interleaved)
  • Support for external DAC
  • Shared Frame Buffer Support
  • 3.3 Volt IO and core, 5 volt tolerant
  • 388 Pin BGA Package

Advanced Features

  • 2.0 GB/second onboard frame buffer bandwidth.
    • Pipelined memory read and writes.
  • Fully combined and integrated 128-bit 3D/Video and 2D Engines.
    • Proprietary 128-bit WideBus Architecture.
  • Programmable Latency Memory Controller allows low cost memory to run up to 25 percent faster.
    • SGRAM and WRAM (interlaced and non-interlaced) graphics memory interfaces.
    • Support for 8 and 16-Mbit memory allows for low-cost memory flexibility.
    • Memory configurations up to 32MB.
  • Integrated 250 MHz. Palette DAC (Digital to Analog Converter).
    • 128-bit CRT Controller.
    • Multiple Color Look-up Tables.
  • Advanced 3D Pipeline:
    • A built-in 3D rendering engine, tightly coupled to an IEEE 754 floating point 3D rendering setup engine that runs at 430 MFLOPS (million floating point operations per second).
    • 3D pixels processed at up to 32-bit color for precision 3D rendering.
    • Precision 32- and 16-bit Z-buffering support processes up to 16.7 million Z-steps. This High Precision Z-buffering significantly improves 3D imagine quality. It reduces texture seams and unsightly artifacts that are present in 3D games-oriented chips that offer less precision.
    • 10 Levels-of-Detail Per-Pixel Mip Mapping.
    • Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing
    • An 8KB on-chip texture cache.
    • Palletized textures at 8, 4, 2 and 1 bpt.
    • Atmospheric effects for specular lighting, interpolated fogging and alpha blending.
    • Support for perspective corrected texture mapping with bi-linear and tri-linear filtering.
    • Complete DirectX 5.0 and 6.0 support.
    • Optimized Direct3D and OpenGL ICD (Installable Client Driver) support.
  • Full AGP 2X data transfer rates allow for data throughput up to 533 MB per second to system memory.
    • 4x increase over PCI transfers.
  • Full-screen, 30 frames per second, MPEG-II playback.
  • 4,096 x 4,096 fully addressable memory.


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