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O2 Video

From Higher Intellect Vintage Wiki

Here is what is working, though this is far from perfect:

1. Download video from keepvid as MP4
2. Transfer over to O2 over NFS
3. ffmpeg -i <videofile.mp4> <newvideofile.mpg>
4. mediaplayer <newvideofile.mpg>

Operation #3 reduced the size of a 26MB video to about 10.5MB which means there is some downsampling going on. The quality isn't all that great. Pixellates the moment you make the video big. BUT the good news is that it plays without missing frames, at native speed, and is perfectly in synch with the audio. There is definitely a difference between mediaplayer performance when compared to both ffplay and irixdivx.

I just wanted to document the above so that others who might be trying to play youtube videos on IRIX might find these steps when they search the forum.