O2 memory over 256M

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Q: I am trying to upgrade my O2 R10K/R5K computer to 512M of RAM. I use Kingston's SIMMs. The system doesn't respond well after I put the SIMMs.

I have two banks of 256M each. I tried to put each one of them and the system works fine, but, if I try to put them both, the system hangs or it doesn't recognize more then 256M (by using the command hinv). I have heard that there is a new SGI patch 2489 which deals with the O2 PROM which might be helpful, but, for me it didn't. Did anyone tried to work with O2 with more then 256M memory?


you will need patch 2489 (O2 PROM rollup) AND 2464 (IRIX 6.3 kernel rollup). The second one is not available yet (1997)

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