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OpenStep is an API developed by NeXT and Sun Microsystems. The name was also used (though as "OPENSTEP") for the NeXTSTEP operating system starting at version 4.0. The OpenStep API was available for Windows NT and the "OPENSTEP for Mach" operating system was available on Intel x86, Sun SPARC and the NeXT 68K.


Shutdown/restart option on login window[edit]

> I have a problem, I cannot shutdown/restart (without using <ALT>  <Num
> Lock>), the problem started when I reset NetInfo. Then reason i reset
> was that it changed my root password.
> Anyway, when I go to shutdown I get the login screen with the
> Restart/Shutdown buttons grayed out.

Check to see if this dwrite is there: (for root)

loginwindow PowerOffDisabled No


68K 4.2 Boot Graphic disappeared[edit]

It's a bug in 4.2 (affects both m68k and i386).  Either remove the  
"Language" preference from the root account,

# Do this as root
> dremove System Language

Of course, the Language preference gets reset everytime root logs in.

Alternatively, boot in verbose mode, to see boot progress.

ATI Rage 128 support[edit]

> Can I get OS4.2 working on my PIII with an ATI RAGE 128 other than with a b/w
> display?

Yes, if you upgrade to Patch 4.  You can use the VESA driver to run up 
to 1600x1200 24bit color (60Hz  :P)  It worked great for me at 24bit, 
1280x1024.  Very handy on laptops that don't have compatible drivers, 



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