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OPENSTEP on a laptop

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Compatibility Info

HP Pavillon: Intel Celeron 900 MHz, 64 MB ram, 10 GB HD, floppy, CDROM
Medion: Athlon 1 GHz, 256 MB Ram, 20 GB HD, floppy, CD R+W
Medion: Intel PIV 1.6 GHz, 256 MB ram, 20 GB HD, DVD,  external USB
HP XE3: Intel PIII 800 MHz, 128 MB ram, 20 GB HD, floppy, DVD

You absolutely need a floppy drive and a VESA compatible Video chipset
(that was present on all notebooks I tried)
Usually, what I do is the following partioning of the disk:
0 - 650 MB : dos fat 16 partition (seen by OS4.2 & Windows)
650 - 7350 : OpenStep partitions (2 X 3.7 GB)
7350 - 20 000 MB : WIN98 or WIN2000 or WIN XP

Then I use "partition manager" to choose the system on which I want to
I have the Dell 850C Latitude and it works very well with OS4.2.
You cannot use the built-in ethernet or modem.
 I run 4.2 (though not too frequently these days) on my 600X.  It works with
various caveats about power management.  Check the archives for the details
but it boils down to OS not being able to handle *any* power-related events,
including switching from battery to AC power and back and the fan turniong on.
Otherwise PCMCIA works fine, the DVD drive works fine, the floppy drive works
fine, the PS/2 mouse port (and TrackPoint) work fine, the display works
fine with the VESA driver.  I've never futzed with sound or USB under OS.

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