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Object International Together/Java

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An all-Java, full UML (Unified Modeling Language), platform-independent modeler for enterprise-wide software development. Features simultaneous design-and-code editing (design first, code first, or do some of both at the same time). Works with source code (no batch code construction, no batch reverse engineering). Features physical and logical packages. Supports design-and-code reuse across multiple projects. Detects and displays Java Beans. Fully scalable from a repository perspective. Works with files (source code, project, and custom layout); this "files only" approach translates in proven scalability for large applications (always an open question for those with proprietary formats and databases). Fully scalable from a performance perspective, too; for day-to-day work, the parser parses just the packages you are working with, resulting in very fast, synchronous design-and-code editing, even when developing large-scale applications. Web-centric features include URL hyperlinking of diagrams and other design documents, and automatic HTML documentation generation. A family of design diagrams: UML's package, class, sequence, state, and use-case; plus Coad's object model and scenario view. User-interface features an inspector, reducing keystrokes and distracting context- switches.