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... The first Inventor product release, IRIS Inventor 1.0, used the IRIS Graphics Library (GL) for rendering (around 1990). The second (and last) major release, Open Inventor 2.0, was based on OpenGL, has been licensed to third parties for porting to other platforms, and thus has been renamed "Open Inventor" (around 1994)

... Open Inventor 2.0 became available under IRIX 5.2 (requiring also OpenGL and the IRIS Development Option); it ran on all SGI platforms except Personal Iris with G/TG graphics and systems with VGX(T)/GT(X) graphics. The last update (Open Inventor 2.1.7) was provided with Irix 6.5.25 (2004)

... Open Inventor became open-source freeware in 2000 [under GNU Lesser GPL 2.1]. At the time of this writing, the latest available version is 2.1.5-10 <>; it can be compiled with minimal efforts under SGI MipsPro 7.4.4

... Since Open Inventor has been licensed to run on other platforms, the Addison-Wesley Publishing Company has released books - copyrighted by Silicon Graphics, Inc. - that describe Open Inventor independent of the platform it runs on as follows:

The Inventor Mentor: Programming Object-Oriented 3D Graphics with Open Inventor, Release 2 [December 1993; ISBN 0-201-62495-8]. Also available on the SGI Open Inventor 2.0 CD-ROM

The Inventor Toolmaker: Extending Opem Inventor, Release 2 [April 1994; ISBN 0-201-62493-1]. Also available on the SGI Open Inventor 2.0.1 CD-ROM

Open Inventor C++ Reference Manual: The Official Reference Document for Open Inventor, Release 2 [July 1994; ISBN 0-201-62491-5]

... As a show-case for Open Inventor 2.0, SGI released an Open Inventor Games CD-ROM, including source (1994; product number 812-0113-001) [Note: there might have been more SGI Open Inventor Games CDs - but I'm uncertain about that. End of Note].

... While, in SGI's Inventor products, the "scene graph" is a basic paradigma, several other later "Inventor-style" open-source packages are based on the same idea as well:


  • Introducing Open Inventor. Silicon Graphics Pipeline July/August 1994
  • Extending Open Inventor. Silicon Graphics Pipeline January/February 1995

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