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Opening Night

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Opening Night puts kids in charge of a life-like multimedia theater where they create, direct and perform their very own mystery plays.

Kids only need to bring their imaginations, because with Opening Night the possibilities are endless. It includes more than 40 photo-realistic costumed characters, 110 different sets, hundreds of props and sound effects, plus musical selections, all on CD-ROM. Kids can also print out their script or hear it read aloud.

Opening Night even invites kids to sit in on interviews with real theater professionals . . . and take a private backstage tour. Imagine!


Opening Night encourages kids to stretch their imaginations as they create, direct and present their own on-screen mystery plays. No other educational CD-ROM product helps them explore the magical world of theater in such an engaging and creative way.

Life-like actors can be directed to sit, stand, walk and portray emotions such as fear, guilt, happiness or surprise. Students can hear the dialogue they write read back to them by the computer--or they can join the act by printing their script and staging their own live performance. And, on-line help, theater terms, and expert interviews make it easy.

To learn more about the theater, Opening Night includes interviews with professionals from The Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis, MN. They can also take a backstage tour of the prop and costume workshops to see first-hand how a theater company works.

Features and Benefits

  • It's multi-grade. Provides a challenging creative environment for kids of all ages, from elementary school to high school.
  • It's curriculum driven. Encourages development of creativity and language skills as kids create, direct, and perform their own multimedia plays.
  • It's easy-to-use. Lets kids review and edit their creations during the play-making process -- changes are made easily and at any time.
  • It's sensitive to performance assessment needs. Allows kids to proudly display their work by producing on-screen plays as well as a playbill and script.
  • It's grounded in authentic content. Provides kids with an insider's look at how a real theater company works through interviews with professionals and behind-the-scenes tours.
  • It's user friendly. Includes an on-line theater guidebook so kids can quickly learn more about key terms used in the theater.
  • It's true to life. Developed in cooperation with the nationally-acclaimed The Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis, MN.

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