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OrangePC 530

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The OrangePC 530 model is the affordable 7" compatibility card with 2 MB of video SGRAM, CPU upgradable to 233, memory upgradable to 128 MB and is 16-bit Soundblaster compatible. The 530 works in all Mac and Mac OS compatible computers with an available 7" or 12" PCI slot, including the 5400/5500 "All-In-One" Macs.

Hardware Features:

  • Your choice of a Pentium 200 or 233 MMX or Cyrix 6x86 P166+ processors
  • RAM Specifications: one DIMM socket; configurations allow for one 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128MB Macintosh compatible DIMM; 2K refresh, Fast-Page Mode, 70ns or faster, 5 volt DIMM, max. 1" height
  • 2MB of dedicated video DRAM

Display Graphics:

  • SuperVGA on any Macintosh compatible Multi-Scan or Multi-Sync monitor
  • Supports 640 X 480 in 16, 256, 32K, 64K and 16M colors
  • Supports 800 X 600 in 16, 256, 32K, 64K and 16M colors
  • Supports 1024 X 768 in 16, 256, 32K and 64K colors
  • Supports 1280 X 1024 in 16 and 256 colors

Software Drivers:

  • Windows 95 or Windows NT included; Windows 3.1, AutoCAD, VersaCAD, VESA BIOS Extension supported.
  • 32 bit drivers for Windows 95 or Windows NT
  • Sound drivers DirectX compatible

Sound Support:

  • 16-bit Sound Blaster compatible

Multi-Port cable:

  • PC compatible game port
  • Two 16550 UART compatible serial ports for use with printer, plotter or modem
  • One bi-directional ECP/EPP parallel port for use with printer, plotter or hardware protection key (dongles)
  • One stereo sound-out jack, one stereo input jack for sound-in or microphone

Software Features:

  • Runs Pentium compatible software
  • OrangePC application disk and operating system: Windows NT or Windows 95
  • Use Macintosh or PC SCSI devices connected to Macintosh, such as Zip, Jazz or SyQuest drives. Supports Advanced SCSI Programming Interface (ASPI) to access devices connected to the Mac SCSI Bus
  • Use Macintosh SuperDrive (FDHD) as drive A: Read and write to either Macintosh or PC floppy disks in SuperDrive
  • Use Macintosh hard disk to emulate hard drives C: and D:
  • Shared clipboard between Macintosh and Windows environments
  • Files can be accessed by both Macintosh and Windows environments
  • Read Macintosh or PC type CD-ROM disks from Mac CD-ROM drive
  • True dual processing; both Mac and Windows can run programs simultaneously
  • Includes an NDIS3 Ethernet driver for PC networking under Windows 95 and Windows NT. Simultaneous TCP/IP, NetBEUI and IPX/SPX protocols, independent of the Macintosh network, using the Macintosh built-in or add-in Ethernet card.

Hardware/ Software Requirements:

  • Any PCI based Macintosh or Macintosh compatible computer with at least one available 12" or 7" PCI slot
  • 2 MB of Macintosh RAM (OrangePC application uses less than 1.2MB)
  • Apple FDHD and hard disk
  • Extended keyboard is preferred

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