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Orchid Technology

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Founded in 1982 and acquired by Micronics Computers in 1994.

Orchid Technology has been a leading manufacturer of hardware and peripherals for personal computers since its incorporation in 1982, and is noted for introducing a series of “firsts” to the personal computer industry:

  • 1982 - PCnet: the first personal computer Local Area Network.
  • 1984 - PCTurbo: the first Accelerator card for PC compatible computers.
  • 1985 - ECCELL: the first PC Multifunction card with error correction.
  • 1987 - RamQuest 50/60: the first EMS (Expanded Memory Specification) product for the IBM PS/2 computers.
  • 1990 - ProDesigner II: the first super VGA graphics adapter to support 1024 x 768 graphics in 256 colors.
  • 1990 - RamQuest 8/16: the first Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) card that is expandable to 32 megabytes.