Origin200 Status LEDs

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Colours Meaning
Red briefly, then amber, then green, then off (about 1/2 second per color) If you have just turned on the master power switch, this indicates the system controller is OK.
Green, blinking The system is booting.
Green on solid The system is on.
Amber, blinking Normal power-off sequence. N/A
Amber on solid One of the fans has failed. Replace the fan.
Red, blinking (during power-off sequence) A problem with the power supply was detected.
Red, blinking (followed by system shutdown) The system temperature is too high, and the server is shutting down.
Red on solid (followed by system shutdown) The system became too hot. The power supply failed during booting.
Blinks green three times, then blinks red once, and then O200 turns off. Bad Power Supply Voltages.

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