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These drive carriers are standard off-the-shelf parts used by a number of high-volume server manufacturers, but were apparently only used by SGI on the Origin and Onyx 300 models.

Often Origin 300 systems will be split up and the individual bricks sold to different buyers. While many of these bricks never had hard drives installed, SGI did install drive carriers with baffles to maintain airflow. This is good news for buyers, as the plastic baffles can be removed and hard drives installed in their place.

The units typically have a sticker on the front of the carrier showing the identifier "Assy A06447-00x" where the "-00x" may end in any digit. The second line of the label includes what may be an additional part number ("203368", as seen in the thumbnail image to the right) and a manufacturing code of some kind. It is unclear whether the manufacturing code indicates time of production, plant, batch run, or something else entirely.

However the assembly number from SGI units has not always been useful when searching for replacement parts in the Internet. It was suggested that Intel part number 746797-001 may be the same OEM part. smj has since ordered a carrier with this part number from an auction site that was purported to come from a Gateway server, and it fits the O300 well.

The 746797-001 part number is referenced in some sources as being used on Intel's SR1200/2200 and ISP2150G servers (black bezel). However images from some eBay auctions appear more similar to the Origin 350-style drive sled, and indeed the Intel product guide for the SR1200 has diagrams showing a unit more similar to that used in the Origin 350.

As of mid-2011 one UK seller had the Intel 746797-001 carriers available on eBay for UKĀ£10, and several US sellers offered Intel carriers purportedly with that part number for US$10. (smj purchased one for about $12 shipped within the US in early 2012.) A recent (1Q2012) online auction of "GATEWAY Hard Drive Blank Caddy 741202-001" had photos of drive carriers that looked identical to O300 carriers, so this may be an additional OEM part number to check for.

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