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Original Cost

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Quoth Bjorn:

I have a price list from february 1999. I think it comes from MCE. The list includes complete systems and parts.
In this list an Octane 2xR10000 195MHz MXI 2Gb harddrive cost about $18000. 
The exchange rate in 1999 was about 8.20SEK for 1$, so it was almost 150000SEK (if anyone else in Sweden is interested ).
The list is in print, but I can scan it for you if you want to. Even though an Indigo was old in 1999 it might still be interesting.
Interesting info in the periodic tables. 
Especially the latest one with Origin systems. Seeing an 32cpu Origin2000, once cost close to $1000000, now just for playing around with.

Quote Sybfreq:

I know my octane cost just north of $60000 in early 1997 with dual 195, MXI, 4gb disc, 128 mb ram, and all the fixin's.

When first announced in1996, the O2 retail price ranged from $5995 to $9995 depending on configuration. This price included a monitor.

Based on information in the SPEC database, the following systems and prices were submitted for testing:

  • Octane R12000/300/128MB MXE: $38,995 (1999)
  • Octane R12000/300/128MB SE+T: $24,495 (1999)
  • O2 R12000/300/64MB $14,495 (1999)
  • O2 R5000/300/128MB $7,495 (1999)