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PC Chips

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It has often been said that there is strength in numbers. The PC Chips Group of Companies was founded on that philosophy. In the spring of 1985 several businessmen met to discuss their common interest in the fledgling IBM compatible marketplace. Each had their own specialty. Individually they faced intense competitive pressures. Together, they commanded the resources to not just compete, but to forge ahead and create new markets and products.

The PC Chips Group of Companies reached a milestone in 1993 when combined exclusive sales exceeded $500 million (US) for the first time. The group encompasses 21 corporations operating in ten countries each one fulfilling an important role in one of the most comprehensive models of vertical integration in the personal computer industry. It is this vertical integration, combined with global market converge that makes the group a strong and powerful partner, customer, and supplier to large and small companies around the globe.

Despite a serious recession in North America and Europe, the PC Chips Group of Companies have recorded spectacular growth rates throughout the 90s. Now, as the worldwide economy improves and gains momentum, the group is well positioned to take advantage of competitive opportunities.

The computer systems and components business is the fastest growing sector in history. By 1995, worldwide unit sales of personal computers will surpass automobile sales. The parallels between the two industries are striking. Much of the consolidation that occurred in the automotive industry is happening today in the computer market. In the 1920's there were hundreds of car companies in America alone. Now there are only a handful in the world. In the coming years the number of computer companies in the world will also shrink dramatically.

Very few organizations are as well positioned as the PC Chips Group of Companies to be one of the survivors. Through vertical integration and geographic diversification the group has developed an effective business model with a strong foundation for growth. The PC Chips Group of Companies does not need to be one of the top five computer companies today. Our plan is to be one of the remaining five computer companies in the future!