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Commands may be separated by semicolons, grouped with curly braces, and used in nested loop constructs. Calculator

 Print hex:           px EXPR
 Print decimal:       pd EXPR
 Print octal:         po EXPR
 Print binary:        pb EXPR
 Look up PROM addr:   nm ADDR

Hardware Registers

 Print register(s):   pr [GPRNAME [VAL]
 Print fpreg(s):      pf [REGNO]
 Store register:      sr REG VAL
 Store fpreg:         sf REGNO VAL

Memory Access

 Print address:       pa ADDR [BITNO]
 Load byte:           lb ADDR [COUNT]
 Load half-word:      lh ADDR [COUNT]
 Load word:           lw ADDR [COUNT]
 Load double-word:    ld ADDR [COUNT]
 Load ASCII:          la ADDR [COUNT]
 Store byte:          sb ADDR [VAL [COUNT]]
 Store half-word:     sh ADDR [VAL [COUNT]]
 Store word:          sw ADDR [VAL [COUNT]]
 Store double-word:   sd ADDR [VAL [COUNT]]
 Store and verify:    sdv ADDR VAL

Memory Operations

 Fill mem w/ byte:    memset DST BYTE LEN
 Copy memory bytes:   memcpy DST SRC LEN
 Cmp memory bytes:    memcmp DST SRC LEN
 Add memory bytes:    memsum SRC LEN

Memory Testing

 Mem. sanity test:    santest ADDR
 Dir/prot init:       dirinit START LEN
 Memory clear:        meminit START LEN
 Dir. test/init:      dirtest START LEN
 Memory test/init:    memtest START LEN
 Clear errors:        clear
 Display errors:      error
 Quality mode:        qual [1|0]
 ECC mode:            ecc [1|0]
 Set R10k int mask:   im [BYTE]
 Test error limit:    maxerr COUNT
 Scan dir states:     scandir ADDR [LEN]
 Directory state:     dirstate [BASE [LEN [STATE]]]

Network and Vectors

 Vector read:         vr VEC VADDR
 Benchmark timing:    time CMD
 Echo string:         echo "STRING"


 Show PROM version:   version
 Display help:        help [CMDNAME]
 Read hub NIC:        nic [n:NODE]
 Prgm remote PROM:    flash NODE [...]
 Prgm remote PROM with values:    fflash NODE [...]
 Power flash [engineering only] :    powerflash NODE [...]

TLB and Cache

 Clear TLB:           tlbc [INDEX]
 Read TLB:            tlbr [INDEX]
 Inv. cache(s):       inval [i][d][s]
 Flush+inv caches:    flush
 Dump dcache tag:     dtag line
 Dump icache tag:     dtag line
 Dump scache tag:     stag line
 Dump dcache line:    dline line
 Dump icache line:    iline line
 Dump scache line:    sline line
 Dump dcache tag:     adtag line
 Dump icache tag:     aitag line
 Dump scache tag:     astag line
 Dump dcache line:    adline line
 Dump icache line:    ailine line
 Dump scache line:    asline line
 Store scache dword:  sscache line taglo taghi
 Store scache tag:    sstag line taglo taghi [way]
 Set memory mode:     go dex|unc|cac
 Hub_send_data_err:   hubsde
 Rtr_send_data_err:   rtrsde
 Check local link:    chklink
 Self-test hub:       bist le|ae|lr|ar [n:NODE]
 Self-test router:    rbist le|ae|lr|ar VEC
 Disable CPU/MEM:     disable n:NODE [SLICE/BANKS]
 Enable CPU/MEM:      enable n:NODE [SLICE/BANKS]
 Temp. disable:       tdisable n:NODE [SLICE]


 List segments:       segs [FLAG]
 Load/exec segment:   exec [SEGNAME [FLAG]]
 Reconfig. memory:    reconf

Console Selection

 Use IOC3 UART:       ioc3
 Use JunkBus UART:    junk
 Use SysCtlr UART:    elsc

Error Registers

 Dump II CRBs:        crb [n:NODE]
 137-col wide crb:    crbx [n:NODE]
 Dump PI err spool:   dumpspool [n:NODE SLICE]
 Dump error info:     error_dump
 Dump reset error:    reset_dump
 Dump bridge errs:    edump_bri [n:NODE]

System Controller

 System ctlr cmd:     sc ["STRING"]
 Wr sysctlr nvram:    scw ADDR [VAL [COUNT]]
 Rd sysctlr nvram:    scr ADDR [COUNT]
 Rd sysctlr dbgsw:    dips
 Set/get debug sw:    dbg [VIRT_VAL PHYS_VAL]
 Set/get password:    pas ["PASW"]
 Set/get module #:    module [NUM]
 Set/get partition #: partition [NUM]
 Get module NIC:      modnic


 Verbose mode:        verbose [1|0]
 Use alt. regs:       altregs [NUM]
 kernel debugging:    kdebug [STACKADDR]
 Use kernel symtab:   kern_sym
 Send NMI to node:    nmi n:NODE [a|b]
 Why are we here?:    why
 Stack backtrace:     btrace [epc sp]
 Switch to cpu:       cpu [[n:NODE] a|b]
 Disassemble:         dis ADDR [COUNT]
 Dump mem cfg:        dmc [n:NODE]
 Run FRU analyzer:    fru [1(local) | 2(all node)]

Environment Variables and Error Log

 Init. PROM log:      initlog [n:NODE]
 Clear PROM log:      clearlog [n:NODE]
 Init. all PROM logs in system: initalllogs
 Clear all PROM logs in system: clearalllogs
 Set variable:        setenv [n:NODE] KEY ["STRING"]
 Remove variable:     unsetenv [n:NODE] KEY
 Print variables:     printenv [n:NODE] [KEY]
 Tail log entries:    log [n:NODE] [TAIL_CNT [HEAD_CNT]]

I/O Diagnostics

 XBow Diagnostic:     dgxbow [m<n|h|m>] [n<NODE>]
 Bridge Diagnostic:   dgbrdg [m<n|h|m>] [n<NODE>] [s<slot>] 
 IO6 Conf Spc Diag:   dgconf [m<n|h|m>] [n<NODE>] [s<slot>]
 PCI Bus Diag.:       dgpci [m<n|h|m>] [n<NODE>] [s<slot>] [p<PCI#>]
 Serial PIO Diag:     dgspio [m<n|h|m|x>] [n<NODE>] [s<slot>] [p<PCI#>] 
 Serial DMA Diag:     dgsdma [m<n|h|m|x>] [n<NODE>] [s<slot>] [p<PCI#>]

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