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PSINet Inc. “PSINet” (formerly known as Performance Systems International, Inc.) is a leading Internet service provider offering a wide range of Internet access, services and products to organizations and individuals. PSINet’s high-speed ATM, ISDN, and SMDS compatible frame relay platform enables hundreds of different types of computers to communicate, offering a level of performance unavailable through proprietary networks.

PSINet's outstanding record for reliability is based on PSINet's unique approach to network design. PSINet built the network on a vast mesh of redundant circuits, ATM/Frame Relay switches and Internet routers. Should a connection anywhere in the network go down, your transmissions are immediately and automatically rerouted while PSINet fixes the problem. For added security and quality control, PSINet privately owns and operates the network, unlike any other ISP of similar size and capabilities.



PSINet InterFrame service is a superior Internet solution for organizations and groups that need full-time, dedicated Internet access with maximum usefulness and efficiency. Based on leading-edge Frame Relay connections, InterFrame offers fully integrated Internet access and improved performance. Best of all, InterFrame helps you save money by giving you more control over bandwidth limits.

InterFrame provides dedicated circuit access speeds from 56Kbps through 1.5Mbps with options for managing application performance, USENET News, security and privacy, and more. PSINet takes care of everything from ordering and installing equipment, to configuring your router, to operating your network 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

InterFrame integrates Internet technology with Frame Relay, a tried and true WAN (Wide Area Network) technology for 56Kbps through 1.5Mbps access speeds by LANs (Local Area Networks), and is deployed widely throughout PSINet's global Internet infrastructure. PSINet owns and operates its own Frame Relay WAN, one of the largest in the world.

InterFrame adds value to your connection by giving you managed Internet access via Frame Relay Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs). Key integrated Frame Relay PVCs allow you several options for managing your InterFrame access:

  • PSINet's advanced technology allows you to manage bandwidth used for "bursty" deliveries of USENET news from PSINet's servers to your site.
  • Allows you to isolate traffic into public or private networks through a single InterFrame connection.



PSINet InterMAN service is a fast and dependable network solution for organizations and groups that need electronic connections between sites located throughout their metropolitan area, as well as easy access to the Internet. InterMAN gives you the full power of the Internet for your business or organization... including E-mail, USENET News, video conferencing, and multimedia World Wide Web.

InterMAN provides your organization with a completely turnkey network solution, with pre-configured and pre-tested equipment installed and maintained by PSINet. In sites where connection to the fiber-optic switching fabric is available, PSINet offers high-bandwidth connections which start at T1, and can be upgraded all the way to T3! Each PSINet InterMAN is based on a switched, fiber-optic, broadband technology, with one-hop connectivity to PSINet's fully-meshed PSINet T3 core infrastructure, maximizing both off-MAN and MAN-to-MAN service speed and efficiency.



PSINet InterPPP is a high quality performance, simple dedicated circuit service that delivers 56 Kbps access to the Internet. InterPPP uses the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) through a router owned and maintained by you, the customer, providing LAN integration for all your computers into the Internet. With InterPPP, your current investment in LAN internetworking can be leveraged to provide a broader level of service and communications. Your staff and Internet-connected customers can participate in electronic mail, USENET News, and World Wide Web access, as well as many other Internet tools available.



PSIWeb is an advanced international World Wide Web hosting service that gives your organization a 24-hour interactive presence on the Internet. PSINet Publishing Corporation, a subsidiary of PSINet Inc., provides your organization with a reliable Web presence without the worries of security, additional staffing, or significant capital investment. PSIWeb offers a complete solution to marketing your company, services, or products to millions of Internet users. We can guide you from the initial planning stage through your site's debut on the Web and subsequent updates and improvements.

The PSInet Publishing Corporation PSIWeb servers are located within the PSINet Inc. network. The PSINet infrastructure is the world's largest fast-packet network, which means you can count on fast, secure, and dependable Web hosting service.

PSIWeb Servers are directly and redundantly connected to the PSINet network via multiple T1 and T3 connections to provide fail-safe circuits and congestion management. The geographically-redundant servers are transparent to the user, but ensure that your Web site is always visible and up-to-date. The redundant servers are spread throughout PSINet's hundreds of Points-of-Presence.



UUPSI is part marketing service, part networking vehicle, part workflow manager-- and much more. The UUPSI service uses the PSINet nationwide networking infrastructure to give you high quality, reliable electronic mail capabilities (UUCP e-mail, compatible with a wide range of e-mail gateways). In addition, you receive USENET News service, an easy to use tool for selectively gathering the latest information on your field or industry.

UUPSI's interconnected system of communications servers and distributed computers provides a store-and-forward service that delivers e-mail or news to your computer when you need it. The service relies on the UUCP protocol, commonly included on any computer using the UNIX operating system. Versions of UUPSI are also available for MS-DOS, VMS, and other operating systems. UUPSI is available in most geographic areas of the continental US at connection speeds of up to 28.8Kbps.

PSI Intranet


PSI IntraNet delivers isolated centrally controlled IP connectivity among multiple sites. PSI Intranet is a managed connection service with dedicated access from 56/64 Kbps through T-1/E-1. It is available in the US, Canada, Japan, and the UK, with other service regions scheduled for the near future. PSI IntraNet service is enabled by PSINet's advanced network architecture that tightly integrates layers of physical bandwidth, data link switching, IP routing, and Internet applications.