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IRIX Patch 7207: TimeZone processing change and 2007 zonefiles update for 6.5.30m -- 16-Jan-2008

This patch replaces the following patches:


This patch has no known incompatibilities

This patch fixes the following bugs:

   959453 - daylight savings time mods (eg. patches 7094-7101) yield performance degradation
   959515 - need to pull timezone change code to eliminate performance hit
   959998 - keep timezone information up-to-date with the community
   975404 - IRIX timezone update for 2007
   975405 - TASK timezone patch for IRIX 6.5.28/29/30

1.3 Bugs_Fixed_by_Patch_SG0007207

This patch contains fixes for the following bugs in IRIX 6.5.30m. Bug numbers from Silicon Graphics bug tracking system are included for reference.

Patch 7207 fixes:

  • Bug #975404- IRIX timezone update for 2007

Replaces and rolls up:

  • Patch 7143, which fixes:
    • Bug #959453-daylight savings time mods yield performance degradation
    • Bug #959998-Update timezone data files to tzdata2007a from the community

1.4 Subsystems_Included_in_Patch_SG0007207

This patch release includes these subsystems:

  • patchSG0007207.eoe_sw.base
  • patchSG0007207.eoe_sw64.lib
  • patchSG0007207.dev_sw.abi

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