Patch 7233

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IRIX Patch 7233: networking updates for 6.5.30 15-Oct-2009 Green icon equals general availability

This patch has no known incompatibilities This patch fixes the following bugs:

   994625 - Is ratcheting t_idle to a magic number necessary?
   998482 - IRIX 6.5.30 networking patch request

1.3 Bugs_Fixed_by_Patch_SG0007233

This patch contains fixes for the following bugs in IRIX 6.5.30. Bug numbers from Silicon Graphics bug tracking system are included for reference.

Patch 7233 fixes: Bug #994625-Is ratcheting t_idle to a magic number necessary?

1.4 Subsystems_Included_in_Patch_SG0007233

This patch release includes these subsystems:

         +o patchSG0007233.eoe_sw.base

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