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If you have a Kodak DC 40 camera, this software is for you. PhotoEnhancer was designed to address the output of the Kodak Digital 40 camera, but this product from PictureWorks also can used to treat your images on file. In fact, for smaller tasks that don’t require a lot of adjustment, PhotoEnhancer is a good choice.

If no Kodak camera is plugged into a serial input on the capture board, the specific items that address the camera are dimmed, leaving you to explore the other commands and processes. The software has one dedicated Camera menu for Kodak Digital 40 interactions. Here you can view all of the slides in the camera as a series of thumbnails, or move them to the disk. They are in the TIFF format. The camera controls are accessible via the computer. You can use them to snap pictures using the computer as a remote controller and change the setting of the camera (erasing slides, for example, and setting other parameters). You also can open the slide table or separate slides from the File menu.

The ToolBox: The ToolBox features eight choices: Move Page, Zoom, four selection drawing marquees tools (Rectangular, Polygonal, Lasso and Magic Wand), Sharpen and Blur, and a Lighten and Darken brush. PhotoEnhancer does not apply color. A small floating palette of four brush sizes accompanies the tools.

Selection Menu and Tools: Outside of the four selection tools in the ToolBox, there is no separate selection menu.

Layers: PhotoEnhancer has no capacity to incorporate layers.

Native Effects Filters: Surprisingly, the software has quite a few native filters, and although they are basic and not adjustable, they can be used in normal image manipulation as well as with a camera connected. The filters are listed under the Enhance and Smart Pix menus. Enhance lists Adjust (Negate, Lighten, Darken, and Equalize), Soften, Sharpen, Intensify, and Lighten Shadows. SmartPix, geared towards adjusting light anomalies that effect color in photos, applies the following filters as either Faster or Better: Daylight (Bright or Cloudy), Shadow (Light or Heavy), Inside, Inside Flash, and Fluorescent. These tools also can be used non-DC 40 images.

PhotoEnhancer’s best feature is a By Example photo editing dialog that enables you to control the color palettes of the image, as indicated by a visual display of twelve adjustable possibilities. The visual displays can be set for Focus, Exposure, Brightness/Contrast, and Color, and can display a spectrum of options, from Fine to Coarse.

Work Modes: The software enables you to work in Millions of Colors, Thousands of Colors, 256 Colors or Grays, 16 Grays, or Black and White.

File Save/Load Conventions: JPEG, TIFF, PICT (with compression choices of None, Least, Average, and Most), and EPSF, as well as the DC 40 native format are addressed.