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The pilot-link suite of tools are generally conduits for moving information to and from 3Com Pilots.

Most (all?) of the pilot-link programs default to /dev/pilot as the serial device used to communicate with a Pilot. In general, if the environment variable PILOTPORT is set, its value will override the default. A serial device specified on the command-line will be used regardless of any PILOTPORT setting. It's a good idea to use flow-controlled serial ports (e.g. /dev/ttyf2).

The default connection rate is 9600 baud. You are welcome to try higher baud rates (19200, 38400, or 57600) by setting the PILOTRATE environment variable, but various machines have various limitations.

Here is a list of programs from the pilot-link README file:

  • addresses: dump Pilot address book into generic format
  • debugsh: command-line interface to Pilot debug monitor
  • dlpsh: command-line interface to Pilot HotSync protocol
  • getrom: program to fetch ROM using getrom.prc or getrom2.prc
  • getrom.prc: Pilot program to help dump a 512K ROM
  • getrom2.prc: Pilot program to help dump a 1024K ROM (used for PalmOS 2.x)
  • ietf2datebook: convert IETF calendar to format used by install-datebook
  • install-datebook: import datebook records from a text format into Pilot
  • install-memo: import memo records from a text format into Pilot
  • install-todos: import todo records from a text format into Pilot
  • install-user: modify user name settings (and report lots of into) about Pilot
  • memos: export memos from Pilot in mailbox format
  • pi-csd: must be running to accept Network HotSync(tm) connects
  • pi-getram: program that retrieves RAM from Pilot
  • pi-getrom: program that retrieves ROM from Pilot (without getrom.prc)
  • pi-nredir: program that accepts connections and redirects them via the Network HotSync(tm) protocol
  • pi-port: experimental program to separate serial layer from pilot-link
  • pilot-addresses: import and export address book
  • pilot-clip: experimental program to import and export data from Pilot clipboard
  • pilot-debug: graphical and command-line program to interface with Pilot debug monitor
  • pilot-dedupe: strips duplicate records from Pilot databases
  • pilot-file: disect .prc and .pdb files
  • pilot-mail: import mail from POP3 mailbox into Pilot Pro's Mail application, and send mail via sendmail
  • pilot-schlep: store a single file on the Pilot
  • pilot-undelete: turn archived records into normal records
  • pilot-xfer: back up, restore, install & delete Pilot databases (This is a very useful program)
  • read-expenses: export Pilot Pro expense database into text format
  • read-ical: export Pilot datebook and todo databases into an Ical calendar (ical is required)
  • read-todos: export Pilot todo database into generic text format
  • reminders: export Pilot datebook into a 'remind' data file
  • sync-plan: completely synchronize the Pilot datebook with the Plan calendar via netplan

For more information see the pilot-link home page.