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S.H.Pierce and Company has developed the solution for artists who need proof prints and final copy large enough for billboards or gallery displays. PosterWorks is a printing program that manipulates your output to target both high end commercial printing services as well as desktop printers. PosterWorks output can be printed to a series of smaller pages, which can then be pasted together for a view of the final enlargement. The main edit screen shows a display grid and a preview of the imported graphics, both of which can be toggled off or on. Graphics files can be placed on top of each other for composite printouts. The view of the finished work can be altered by percentage or measurement equivalents, and a straight line drawn anywhere on the screen returns its measurement.

Files can be saved as PosterWorks native or as Bureau files for transference to professional printing facilities. The art can be calibrated for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Press Curves, Gray Balance, UCR, GCR, Black, and Color Check. The output saturation and scanner matrix can be enhanced and Halftone Corrections set. After the art is set, it can be targeted to your on-site printer, or saved as a Bureau file and sent off-site.