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PowerBot Feature List

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PowerBot specs, updated 08/05/98

BUGS to be fixed
„Źsomething going on in the autoreconnect, not sure what...

Highest demand

„Źbot does not have to run on the same computer as the
  server application.
„ selectable greeting
„ selectable help message
„ notify of waiting messages on login
„ notify of new messages if logged in
„ five levels of security for every command
„ master password for bot
„ selectable areas of protection using master password
„ configurable nick, icon, and port (plus the usuals)
„ internal userlist includes Login and Privledges
„ message limits
  - queued messages
  - msgs to login
  - msgs from login
  - msgs from guest
  - bot accepts messages y/n
„ monitor, kill, and butt-in on all command windows
„ statistics
  - users online
  - command windows open
  - command windows opened since load
  - messages queued
„ admin-defined userlist, as an additional layer of
  security / restrictions on commands
„ control window times-out and closes automatically
  after two minutes
„ bot has a few defenses to prevent flooding
  through the command window
„Źghost kicking at login and at defined intervals
„Źbot events logged to file (basic and verbose modes)
  with date/time stamping in file and on filename
„ periodic mailbox save (in case of crash)
„Źpublic personality file :-)
„Źcan change nick and icon while connected
„Źbot can auto-reconnect if disconencted or kicked
  (specify delay before reconnect)
„Źchat log to file
„Źempty mailbox
„Źinternal userlist tracks IP addresses of users
„Źbot protects itself from people trying to flood its
  control window
„Źautomatically scan for leeches at user-defined intervals
„Źoptions to PM, PM and public chat, kick, or ban leeches
„Źoption to announce kicks/bans (and the reason) in chat
„Źusers with default or blank names can be messaged to
  change their name
„Źcan kick or ban users that are hostile to the bot or
  server. (attempting to flood)
„Źincludes mini-client
  „Źbasic userlist (no icons, plain black text)
  „Źread and send public chat
  „Źget info on a user (includes icon number)
  „Źkick or ban a user
  „Źsend a Private Message
„Źestablish a "perma-ban" list, to permonantly ban IPs
  (wildcards allowed) AND nicks
„Źbuilt-in "mini-news", for admins and such to keep
  eachother informed of admin-ish issues, without posting
  them to public news
„Źlinked chat indicates who has arrived/left on other side
„Źpublic personality can do dynamic substitutions, to say
  things like time and date in a response
„Źa user-defined "personality file" which allows the bot to
  reply to words or phrases with set responses
„Źspecial personality key-words, which the bot dynamically
  "plugs in" to the replies, to make it seem more "real"
  - TIME
  - DATE
  - USERLIST  (linked users)
  - TRACKERS  (trackers that are currently up)
  - TRIGGERNICK (nick of the user who chatted the bot)
  - RANDOM  (selects from a list of user-defined responses)
„Źrandom chat, with user-defined intervals
„ auto-greet at login

„ kick {user}
„ ban {user}
„ deliver message to {login}
„ read messages
„ delete messages to {login}
„ help
„Źhelp {command}
„ add user {login}
„Źremove user {login}
„Źcommand list
„Ź(command)              (remote file launch!  oh yeah!)
„Źstop bot
„Źrefresh userlist     (on-demand ghostbusters/leech scan)
„Źlink {server}
„Źstop link
„Źpermaban add {ip/nick}
„Źpermaban remove {ip/nick}
„Źpermaban list
„Źfind {pattern}
„Źglobal {pattern}
„Źstop search
„Źchat {message}
„Źsend pm to {user}
„Źempty trash

requested functionality (set up but unimplemented)
„ reload server {in hh:mm}
„Źnot require bot to be stopped and restarted to start
  or stop chat/activity logging (from switchroom)

requested commands (not included at this time)
„ŹSEND EMAIL TO {address}
„ view log (last 10 entries)
„ reload news
„Źarchive news (only if local to server)
„Źdeliver message to nickname {message}
„Źreply (to reply to last msg, would know login)
„Źsome kind of about message
„Źcommands to change all prefs remotely from client
„Ź"kick my ghost" to kick previous occurances of same
  login in userlist. (if not "guest" login!)
„Źpage operator (speech?  that would be WILD)
„Źdirectory list (reply with PM of directory list of
  directory specified)
„ŹLOCATE SERVER {IP pattern} (to search tracked trackers
  for server by partial IP, to find dynamic servers by
  IP or something in name)
„ŹCHANGE NICK TO {new bot nick}

requests for special dynamically responding personalities

requested features for use if the bot is LOCAL to server
„Źdisk space check
„ PM users about non-commented uploads {message}
„ŹMini-Client's "Send Private Message" window's text
  entry window now wraps lines (bug!)

requested functionality (not included at this time)
„ can tell bot in pub chat to shut up
„ listen for pings, msg in chat
„ two help commands, HELP and HELP ALL, HELP shows only
  available commands
„ notify user (with access) that message target not exist
„Źcheck msg target for existance before queuing
„Źprevent user from kicking/banning self
„Źmaintian list of active trackers
„Źwhen message expires and is not from guest, queue
  message to originator to notify that it expired
„ Cmd-A should select all in CW operator chat field
„Źpublic chat spam defender
„Źstart making windows growable
„Źnotify list for bot operator, notify to console when
  user in list logs in
„Źsocket patch: 10 socket errors in 10 seconds makes
  it force disconnect
„Źtile the CWs when operator clicks Monitor
„Źarchive old (expired) mini news to file
„Źoption to email certain users any new mini-news posts
„Źversion # in prefs, with appropriate messages if
  an old version is found
„Źincrease maximum deliver message message size
„Źspecial prefs file flag to cause logs to dump
  instantly (for development environment)
„Źeditable help on plug-in commands
„Źrandom chat feature
„Źuser-editable detailed help
„Źremove search folder from trash queue if re-searching
„Źtrash contents of search results folder on login
„Ź"[x] recieve PMs" checkbox in mini-client
„Źmodify command file system to send copy of file thru
  a PM if file to "launch" is text
„Źremove "„" from nicks in userlist, to avoid confusion?
„Źmini-client's info window show ul/dl in progress
„Źsuggest to users to use the GLOBAL command after they
  try a FIND
„Źport scan blocker
„ admin-defined bot username (for messages)
„Źwatch upload folder for applets
„Źpluggable for foreign languages!
„Źhave a user-defined LIST of "virtual logins" for the
  bot's mailbox
„Źsingle "kicked/banned" log file, that is not flushed
  at each launch
„Źlist of app(s) to launch when bot is launched or started
„Źauto-archive logs
„Źcheckbox to only check guests for leeching
„Źcheckbox to only auto-greet guests
„Źmake the bot respond via personality file instead of
  with the "how to use" msg if PM'd with something that
  gets a hit in the personality file

Version Info:
(under development)
„Źsource code split into modules, to greatly enhance
  readability and get things organized.
„ NilObjectException bug in File/Quit menu option fixed
„Źworked around a nasty RB bug that trashes the bot into
  the debugger when attempting to auto-reconnect (seems
  to only have been occuring in v1.3.1)
„ŹNEW COMMAND: "PAGE" - allows users to trigger a sound
  to be played at the server, to call the admin.  Select
  any sound and place it in the powerbot folder to use.
„ŹNow using RealBasic compiler v.F5
„ŹBot now checks presense and mounting status of search
  folders etc at startup and when new folders are
  selected, in addition to each time a search is attempted.
  If there is a problem during startup or reselect, a
  msg box will pop up with setup instructions. :-)
„Źfixed resize of task (debug) window

v1.3.1  08/04/98
„Źfix to tracker tracker, will now work when logging
  is disabled (they were using the same timer)
„Źminor display bug to do with langauge kits and the
  DELETE MESSAGE TO command fixed
„ŹOptions window rebuilt to use tabs, should be much
  easier to use now
„ŹNEW FEATURE: Auto-Greet!
„Źminor adjustments to lower limits on times in Options
„ŹNEW FEATURE: random chat!  Use ØRANDOMCHATØ as the
  trigger in the public personality file, and set the
  intervals in the options window.
„ŹSTOMP STOMP STOMP.  Worked around a naaaaasty compiler
  bug that was preventing the Find cache file from loading
  if the Global cache was empty.  This may be affecting
  other parts of the bot as well, it's a thread bug. :P
„ ØRANDOMNICKØ now tries harder to avoid saying the
  bot's nickname
„Źtitles on left of connection window no longer greyed
  out when bot is running (just the edit windows for
  the server connection)

V1.3.0 08/02/98 (International" release)
„Źjust this one: support for other languages

„Źbug with public personality fixed: was parsing a
  chat of "hello" as "Ę   HELLO Ę" instead of
  "Ę HELLO Ę" (note two additional leading spaces)
„Źidle timeout disabled for Mini-Client's CW
„Ź"[x] bot can receive messages" is no longer greyed
  out, and is working.  Mail 'login' is "ADMIN"
„Źall windows that could use resizing will now resize
„ŹNEW FEATURE/COMMAND: trackers tracker is now
  implemented!  Use "TRACKERS" command in CW to check
  on trackers, or have a personality command use
  ØTRACKERSØ in its response.
  the personality system, and so is ØRANDOMØ.Ø.©.
  Random will select from a list of random choices,
  like "ØRANDOMØyesØnoØmaybe©".  (© marks end, Ø
  separates choices)
„Źupped the limit of private messages, will now be
  less likely to kick an mBot for autogreeting or
  other things that look like a flood attempt.
„ŹSecurity Station window fix
„ Mmmmmm, nasty bug stomped, users without access to
  MORE were always being told Guido was busy. :P

98/07/24 v1.2.7
„ŹNEW FEATURE: PowerBot now keeps track of your ten
  favorite servers to link to, with a popup menu.
„ŹBIG NEW FEATURE: "CW" button in Mini-Client is now
  implemented, opens a Control Window just for you.
  For msging purposes, your login is treated as "BOT".
„Źmultiple occurances of a personality substitution
  work now
„Źbot now responds with personality to chat posted
  from the mini-client
„Źusers not authorized to use MORE are no longer
  prompted to try to do it
„ŹNEW FEATURE: messages sent to "BOT" can be read by
  the operator by using the CW in the mini-client.
„ŹNEW FEATURE: check box in Options window to turn
  on/off the familiar Hotline "chat click".
„Ź"Message" button in Options window now greys when
  that option is disabled
„Ź"Path" buttons in security window now grey when
  their respective search options are disabled
„ fixed a bug causing errors when the bot's nick
  contains any 2-byte (language kit) characters
„Źpatched GetUserInfo to remove any chr(13)'s that
  are imbedded in a user's Name or Account fields.
„Źsearch features now detect for volumes offline
  before attempting to create aliases. (to avoid the
  nasty "please insert disk xxx" supermodal dialog)
„Źnew implementation: "MORE" command now protected by
  security levels.  Check your Security window to set
  it accordingly. (for doing a re-scan of the files)

98/07/22 v1.2.6
„ŹRESTART BOT command now implemented
„Źannounce bug fixed, was still sometimes announcng a
  nick change (in link) when users went idle/active.
„Źbot will now retain search results if just stopped and
  started back up. (will lose results if quit, any server
  login info is changed, or search path is changed)
„ŹBug fixed - STOP SEARCH if hit limit (50) was reached
  producing OutOfBounds error.
„Źfixed a bug where the bot wanted a yes/no answer after
  searching for files
„ New command!  "CHAT" - to send chat to public chat win
„Źall alias creates are now queued, with a 1.0 second
  delay between create calls, to help the Finder 'cope'
  with reality.
„ŹHELP ADD USER help message updated.
  ØUPTIMEØ can be placed in personality responses, and
  the bot will substitute the appropriate string.
„ŹNEW FEATURE: if you want to only match a personality
  keyword at the start or end of the chat, add "Ę " for
  beginning of chat or " Ę" for end of chat.
„ŹNEW FEATURE: PM'ing the link of the bot will return a
  userlist. (subject to the chat pause setting in Options)
„ŹIMPLEMENTED: perma-buttons (yes there's two) in Info
  window in mini-client are now working.  You can also
  edit the nick or IP before hitting the death button.
„ŹFind/Global now cache to disk too, for quick loadup

98/07/18 v1.2.5
„ finally, FINALLY RealSoftware delivered my sn!  No
  more nag screens on the applications!  :-)
„Źmodify leech scan's public alert to not include the
  name of the file (file name replaced with "file x")
„Źsome servers send new nicknames when the user has not
  changed their nick, causing a new announcement in the
  announce feature of linking.  This now makes sure the
  nick actually changed before announcing.
„Źremoved two of the NINE timer objects in the main
  window, (programming detail) because I suspect they
  are causing crashes while running the bot under the
  debugger. (stack overflow errors, debugger only)
„Źfixed a MAJOR new bug - when linked and announce is on,
  if a ghost arrives at the main server, it will crash
  the bot with a NilObjectException error.  Thanks Roji!
„Źfixed bug where task master was not rejecting queue of
  duplicate tasks, lead to task queue overflow if a task
„Źtasks now time-out in 120 seconds, to prevent task
  queue overflow or hang in the event that a task
  encounters problems.
„Źpatch socket to accept broadcasts, errors, and PMs with
  no text in the message. (was generating a socket error)
„Źidle and kick indicators added to Mini-Client userlist
  (sorry, no color yet!)
„ŹPerma-Ban now supports nicks in addition to IPs
„ŹSTOMP.  NilObjectException bug found - was biting when
  the bot was stopped while a search was running.

98/07/15 v1.2.4
„ŹFind and Global now generating log file entries.
„Źfixed a task master bug that was preventing queued
  tasks from properly keeping track of their parameters
„Źput a trap in the task master to prevent the bot from
  crashing if the task queue overflows. (error will be
  logged also)
„Źmany headaches, but now the search folder is moved to
  trash 5 minutes after the search completes.  What a
  mess, but a new experience with threads...
„ŹChat link now compatible with language kit
„ŹNEW FEATRURE: option in Options window "[x] Announce
  join/leave in Link" - does like it says.
„Źbot memory size changed from 4mb to 2mb... should
  be enough.

98/07/13 v1.2.3
„ŹStart Link button now holds its setting
„Źuse of auto-run to bypass acct requirement prevented
„ŹNEW COMMAND: "send pm to {user}"
„ŹHotSocket and password encoder updated to handle foriegn
  language "characters" consisting of more than one byte.
„ŹFIND and GLOBAL now working!! About time too!  Also new
  command "STOP", to stop searches in progress.

98/07/12 v1.2.2
„Źbot now generates log errors if it lacks the "[x] Can
  Get User Info", instead of attempting to Ghostbust
  everyone on-line.
„ŹStart Link button can now be protected by master password
„Źmaster password entry field hight fixed
„Źoptimized bot to assume account "guest" is a guest, instead
  of trying to open it and look at privs
„Źadded button to status window to reload personality file
„Źmini-client's userlist updates when users arrive/leave/
  change nick while mini-window is open
„Źfix another possible nilobjectexception bug
„Źshuffled items in Security Window to make space
„ŹAdd security "Use Mini-News"
„ŹNEW COMMANDS: "post news", "read news"
„ŹPM button in mini-client operational
„ŹANOTHER fix to the "PM and public chat" option for the
  leech watcher.  should work CORRECTLY now. :/
„Źmini-news nnow displays only nick (login removed) on
  post headers

98/07/11  v1.2.1
„Źpasswords and logins bulleted in connect window
„Źdetail log now logs transaction processing and socket Rx
„Źbegin adding support for PM's from mini-client
„Źadded a safety trap in case the bot tries to look at
  user #0. (caused by someone managing to log out with
  ungodly bad timing)
„Źfound yet another way for the bot to try to access a user
  that has logged out, and patched it.  That should take
  care of the NilObjectException bug.
„ŹHUGE bug stomped into the dust...  found a RealBasic bug
  that was creating all those irritating socket erros in
  the log - it has been patched around. :-)
„Źsocket debugging log entries (verbose) deactivated
„Ź"PM and public chat" option now enabled (oops)
„Ź"Bot can receive messages" and "Post office running"
  check boxes straightened out, and rcv messages has been
  disabled for now.
„Źcompiled 68k, ppc, and fat versions
„Źlook, I found an icon!
„Źup-to-date HELP text included with compile

98/07/09  v1.2.0
„ŹBIG HUGE MASSIVE note - I have grouped several options
  in the secuirty station window, please check them and
  make sure your settings are the way you want them!
„Źtotal re-vamp of command queueing system - it's now
  legible and changeable by humans...
„Źlog file events date/time stamped in verbose mode
„Źadded option to simply PM a leech. (users who had "msg"
  selected earlier will be automatically switched to
  "PM" instead of "PM and public chat")
„Źupdate contextual help for changed/added commands
„ŹNEW COMMANDS/FEATURES: perma-ban list!

98/07/07  v1.1.2b
„Źbot now announces to remote server that other server is
  down and link is broken if the main server connection
  is lost.
„Źperiodic "are you alive?" message interval increased
  from 10 to 60 seconds.
„Źmini-client now has close box
„Źconnect window's server icon boxes were increased to
  correct hight (from 19 to 22 pixels)
„Źexpanded max size of help message to 1000 characters
„Źadd "example" box on all msg change windows, so operator
  can see how their text will look in the default sized
  private chat window. (this was suprisingly difficult!)

98/07/07  v1.1.2
„ŹNow have a 60 second timer on all transactions.  If
  a transaction takes more than 60 seconds for a reply,
  it will generate a timeout.  This will cause the bot
  to disconnect. (or close chat link)  It will auto-
  reconnect if that is selected.
„Źremote link can now detect broken connection also and
  will close automatically, same as server link.
„Źsocket errors now just go to log file and beep the
  bell, instead of displaying an error message.  This is
  a more stable way to indicate errors if you're getting
  a lot of them.
„Źspelling error when attempting to send messages to
  guests fixed.
„Źchange to verbose logging of stopping chat link from
  Status Window, now indicates it was FROM the status

98/07/06  v1.1.1
„Źrepeated battles with the start/stop link button, to
  get it to be enabled/disabled at the correct times.
„Źprefs bug stomped, was zapping prefs in memory when
  the Stop button was clicked.
„Źuser's nick is now on the title of the monitor windows
„Źthat link code is buggy as a roach motel.  Fix to link
  command to make it stop using default link address for
  all variations of linking.

98/07/06  v1.1.0
„Źadd ability to assume port 5500 on links
„Źadd ability to assume bot's un/pw on links
„ fixed basic logging of kick from CW
„ŹNEW FEATURE: Mini-Client!
„ŹMonitor button in status window now disables if there
  are no windows to monitor
„Źdefault link site <-- harder to code than you'd think!
„ŹSTOP LINK now kills timeout timer
„ŹLINK (no params) now uses full link or server info
„ŹLINK {address} now correctly indicates what login it
  is defaulting to
„Źhelp on link commands now available
„Źbot's icon can change when mini-client is open
„Źusers, ghosts removed, and total controls now zero'd
  on status window when bot disconnects
„Źlink start/stop button added to status window
„Źcan change link's nick and icon

98/07/05  v1.0.9
„ŹNEW FEATURE: auto-run on startup
„Źchat timeout made more friendly
„Źserver linker now has smarter linking when more than
  one bot is linking (for more than 2 servers)
„Źabout box!
„Źchat link broken now creates log entry
„Źbroadcast auto-ban fixed finally, wait for each PM to
  finish before starting a new one. (queued them)
„Źidle timeout message no longer written to log file
„Źactive-defense kicks now logged
„Źmax control windows increased from 3 to 13, max active
  tasks from 5 to 25 - should now support larger servers.
  (these #s can be easily increased again if necessary)
„Źlink established message in chat now split to two lines,
  so it relays through other links better

98/07/04  v1.0.8
„ŹNEW FEATURE, KILLER!  "link" !!!  alllright!
„Źfixed Clear button in user window, tried to clear
  61 users instead of 60... oops!
„Źsome older servers generating socket errors when
  opening user, they do not send nick object.  Socket
„Ź%0 and 100% complete downloads now correctly identified
  during leech scan

98/07/04  v1.0.7
„ŹSocket bug fix: the task queue was not deleting tasks
  properly, caused tasks to be lost and socket errors to
  generate if the client sent a rapid flurry of requests
  to the server. (like if it connected and found a pack
  of ghosts)
„Źbot now refuses to target itself for kicks, messages,
  etc etc, to stop a PM loop and the resulting autoban
„Źbot now sends a PM to leeches as well as a message in
  chat when caught and set to  [„] msg
„Źleech watcher now also ignores downloads at 0%
„Źgreeting message button now named Greeting
„ŹHow To Use button now edits correct text
„ŹNEW FEATURE: PowerBot now has active defenses. If it
  detects an attempt to flood the bot, it can kick or
  ban the offender.

98/07/03  v1.0.7
„ŹFINAL fix to bot talking to itself.
„Źadded more anti-flood protection to the bot's CW window,
  the bot is now sensitive to receiving five commands
  within ten seconds, in addition to reacting to commands
  of over 300 characters in lenth.  Technically, if the
  bot WERE to find a way to talk to itself, it would hang
  up on itself very quickly, and not get auto-banned.  It's
  defenses are still "passive" - it will simply close the
  chat window.
„ŹNEW FEATURE: periodic leech scanning is (finally) coded.
„ŹNEW COMMAND: "leech scan".  User is notified when scan
  is completed.
„ŹNEW FEATURE: bot now can announce its kicks and bans in
  public chat, along with the reason for doing so.
„Źproblems with the Access popup having double-overwritte
  text beside the buttons on machines with less than OS8
  fixed.  Well, patched around actually. (RB bug?)
„Źfixed what could have been the cause to a rare nil-
  object-exception bug.
„Źlist of files being leeched will now also be included
  in chat post if leech scan action is set to msg
„ŹNEW COMMAND: "help (command)" - now users can know just
  what a command does.
„ŹNEW FEATURE: bot can message users with default names,
  "Evaluation User", "unnamed", "???", and blank names.
„Źleech watcher now ignoring completed (100%) downloads

98/07/02  v1.0.6
„ŹSocket Fix: it seems that if a user changes their
  icon while connected, and just punches [save] to
  make it effective, the server doesn't relay a 'nick'
  object in the 'change user' transaction, causing socket
  error!  Fixed, socket now returns a blank (impossible
  to get normally) nick if no change.
„Źwhen delivering message, Age is now displayed in a
  better way:  "x days xx hours xx minutes"
„ŹFixed a nasty bug where the bot would not ignore its
  own words in chat or pchat if the bot's name was shorter
  than 13 chars.  Thx for the assist, DarkCore!

98/07/01  v1.0.6
„Ź"ghosts removed" on status window now updates
„ŹOk lets try fixing the message expiry bug again.  This
  time, lets expire messages AFTER expiry date instead
  of BEFORE. <g>
„Źanother status display bug - queued message count on
  the status window now updates when messages expire.
„Źno longer allow messages to be queued to 'guest' login
„ŹYES/NO confirmation sequence added to Control Windows
„ŹNEW COMMAND: "stop bot".  features yes/no confirmation.
„Źworking on leechwatcher, but not finished yet

98/06/30  v1.0.5
„Źmodified chat log to also flush once a minute, to
  boost performance and to have the logs not be empty
  if the bot or computer crashes, is force quit, etc.
„Źenabled access to the  [x] Chat Log  switch in the
  switchroom, and also got the Activity Log to stop
  looking at the Chat Log's checkbox instead of its own.
„Źchat and activity logs are now created immediately
  when the connection is made
„Źinternal userlist now tracks IP addresses of users
„ŹSocket fix - server task #119 (pchat subject changed)
  and client info #120 (change pchat subject) plus a
  new object ID #115 (subject) were added.  I am still
  missing a few server and client task IDs, as well as
  several objects, so I'm sure this is not the last word.

98/06/29  v1.0.4
„Źbug of pub pers not stopping when turned off in options
„ŹNEW COMMANDS: Command files now implemented!
„ŹNEW COMMAND: "list commands"
„Źlog files now correctly indicate who was kicked
„ŹUser and Bot text fields of Monitor windows are now
„Źcosmetic fixes to userlist during kick, ban, etc.
„Źnow using DR1 compiler, but not registered, have to
  cope with "this will expire in 30 days" msg until I
  get a reg #
„ŹNEW FEATURE: chat logging is implemented
„Źheader on regular log files changed to "Log "+date,
  to distinguish between operations log and chat log
„Źprivate chat (command window) personality file idea
  axed - it's not a chat window anyway, it's a command
  window, and you'll only get eror msgs if you try to
  hold a conversation in it.
„ŹNEW FEATURE: "zap mail" to clear the mailbox
„Źbug doubling message expirey time squished
„Źstill getting socket errors indicating recipt of unknown
  objects and transactions from the server.  Added a new
  method LastTransaction to the HotSocket so the bot can
  log the entire transaction when it receives a socket
„Źsubmitted order for reg # for RealBasic, the 30 day
  expire message should go away shortly...
„Źconverted activity log to append, will now flush to
  file every 60 seconds for a performance bonus, and
  also the log will be available for viewing while the
  bot is running. :-)  Will convert chat soon also.

98/06/28  v1.0.3
„Źsome servers seem to send pchat window IDs other than
  four characters, generating socket errors.  Had to patch
  the socket to fix it.  HL Server v1.2.1 generates NON-
  RANDOM pchat window ID's.  MAJOR security risk, and also
  was triggering a socket error.  The warning has been
  disabled, but still recommend all admins upgrade to
  server v1.2.3 for security reasons!
„Źconnection button no longer disabled while the bot is
  active - can edit the nick and icon while connected.
„Źoops, did not have all unimplemented items in the
  switchroom greyed out...  they are now.  (hopefully
  not for long!)
„Źstart incrementing version numbers with changes made
„Źauto-reconnect now opens a status window, operator
  can now cancel auto-reconnect in progress.
„Źmodify code to personality comments, allow use of
  imbedded words. (key "BOT" will now trigger when it
  sees "robot".  to prevent this, use key " BOT " with
  surrounding spaces)
„Źbot will no longer talk to itself in public chat

„Źwill no longer crash if unable to create log file
„Źdefault HELP to full command list
„Źpublic personality added
„Źbot now checks name on chat msgs to determine if the
  message was from it (the bot) or the user
„Źall unimplemented features greyed out in config

„ŹPulling a userlist that included a ghost produced a
  socket error.  Patched the socket, and also coded
  the ghostbusting feature. (ghosts are now internally
  identified as having a login of ":" and privs are
  all zeros)

„ Forgot to include Ban in socket!  Researched and
  found Ban to just be a variation to the existing kick
  protocol. (with an additional object, the "kick flag")
  Added to socket, and coded the Ban command.

Some of the Feaure/Command idea contributors:
„Źmembers of cdn
„Źmembers of 8-bits

And to the makers of mBot:
  This bot could not have been made without your assistance!
It was your unwillingness to release source and give out
mBot that inspired me to make a bot anyone could have and
customize to their liking, and for that, we thank you!
  In an effort to avoid directly duplicating your work, I
have refrained from installing or running mBot at my server.
Any similarities in commands or functionality is not an
attempt to copy your work, but is based entirely on my own
original ideas or the ideas/suggestions of others. (whom
may be suggesting some ideas based on your bot, but hey,
I can't help that, I'm just making what they want)  Please
grant me the same courtesy in not copying what I have done.

- Virtual1

VirtualFTP server can be found at:

If you feel this bot is helping you and is worth something,
feel free to make a donation to the cause.  I can always use
new hardware for the server, additional memory, and of
course cash is nice too.  If you can't afford any of the
above, stopping into my server and saying "cool bot!" is
thanks enough. :-)       Enjoy.    -V1