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PowerLisp is a Common Lisp development environment for the Macintosh. It consists of a Common Lisp interpreter, native-code 680x0 compiler, 680x0 macro assembler, disassembler, incremental linker and multi-window text editor. It requires a Macintosh with at least a 68020 processor and system 7.0 or later. About 2.5 megabytes of RAM are required to run it, and to do much with it you need more like 5 or 6 megabytes. Like any Common Lisp system, the more memory the better. New to PowerLisp 1.2 is full native mode support on PowerMacs. A PowerPC compiler, assembler and disassembler are included along with a fat binary which runs on either a PowerMac or 68k Mac. PowerLisp is extremely fast. All compiled PowerLisp functions execute as native machine instructions. The speed is comparable to other fully compiled languages.