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PowerPC 604

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Developed as part of the Apple/IBM/Motorola alliance. The 604 was used in a number of Apple Computer systems, some IBM RS/6000 models and other systems/applications. This CPU is also used in the Motorola Atlas system.

General Information

The principal features of the PowerPC 604 microprocessor include

  • full RISC processing architecture
  • parallel processing units: one load-store unit, two integer units, one complex integer unit, and one floating-point unit
  • a branch manager that can usually implement branches by reloading the incoming instruction queue without using any processing time
  • an internal memory management unit (MMU)
  • separate built-in caches for data and instructions, 16 KB each, four-way set associative

PowerPC 604e

Improves performance over the 604 with additional L1 cache and faster clock speeds.

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