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PowerPC Upgrade for Quadra 605, some LC and Performa Models - 02/1994

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	Apple Announces PowerPC Technology Upgrade Options for
	     Quadra 605, Selected LC and Performa Models

CUPERTINO, California--February 2, 1994--

Apple today announced it plans to offer upgrades based on the PowerPC
for many of its entry-level business, education and consumer products.

Apple plans to provide upgrades for its current line of all-in-one
personal computers including the LC 520, 550, 575, as well as the
Performa  550.  In addition, Apple plans to make future PowerPC
upgrades available for LC 475, Quadra  605, and Performa 475/76.

The upgrades will boost performance up to two to four times on
existing Macintosh models when running native applications.

Recent upgrade announcements already addressed the following models:
Macintosh Quadra 840AV, 800, 660AV, 650 and 610 models;
Macintosh Centris  660AV, 650 and 610 computers; and
the Macintosh IIVX, vi and Performa 600 products.
Owners of the Apple Workgroup server 60, 80 and 95 will be offered
logic board upgrades to PowerPC processor-based systems which will
run a version of the Macintosh System 7  operating system for the
PowerPC processor.

		    Apple and Third-Party Options

Apple also continues to work on upgrades in conjuction with selected
third-party developers to provide an array of options for customers
to upgrade to PowerPC technology.