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PowerPC servers, Performa 570s, more announced by Apple - 04/1994

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Here's a quick summary of Apple's annoucements this week.
The full text of the press releases is available by gopher on


(that's gopher:// to WWW/Mosaic users).

I don't work for or speak for Apple, and I apologize in advance
should you find fault with any of my summaries. 

		      PowerPC Workgroup Servers:

  New machines and upgrades for all three are supposed to ship May 2 in the
  US.  RAID software for them will come later in the year.  The machines will
  run updated versions of the server software for PowerShare Collaboration
  Servers, AppleShare, AppleSearch, and Apple Remote Access.
   Workgroup Server 6150:	$4,219
	Upgrade from WS 60:	$1,259
   Workgroup Server 8150:	$7,459 ($8,499 with AppleShare installed)
	Upgrade from WS 80:	$1,899
   Workgroup Server 9150:	$9,299 ($10,269 with AppleShare installed)
	Upgrade from Quadra 900 & 950: $2,499
	(Current WS 95 users have to wait for PowerOpen-based servers before
	they can upgrade.)

			 Networking Software:

   Apple & Novell plan to have NetWare 4 running natively on the PowerPC
    Workgroup Servers by the end of 1994.
  "Apple also announced its intention to provide DOS and Windows users with
   access to Apple's local area network (LAN) application services, such as
   AppleShare, PowerShare Collaboration Servers, AppleSearch, and Apple
   Remote Access.  Apple plans to offer an implementation of AppleTalk
   specifically designed for Windows (versions 3.1 and higher)"

    Apple Education Series Math Solutions Bundle (for Grades 5-8):

   Mac LC 575 with AppleCD 300i Plus, microphone, & speakers.
   Bundled with ClarisWorks, Tesselmania from MECC, Probability Constructor
   by LOGAL, Learning in Motion's Measurement in Motion, and Divide &
   Conquer and Building Perspective from Sunburst/Wings for Learning.
   Available in mid-June to K-12 schools at approx. $2000.

		       Apple Exchange Program:

   Allows trade-ins of "virtually any combination of eligible Apple
   Macintosh, IBM, Compaq, Hewlett Packard or other name brand CPUs,
   printers or monitors for trade-in dollars good towards the purchase of
   new Apple equipment"  See your Apple dealer/reseller for details.

			 Performa 570 series:

   All have 680LC40 at 33 Mhz, CD-ROM, Global Village Teleport Fax/Modem,
   the new AppleDesign extended keyboard, and a variety of bundled software.
   They're also "Energy Star" compliant. Prices should be around $2,099-$2,299.
	Performa 575:	5MB RAM/250 MB Internal Hard Disk
	Performa 577:	5MB RAM/320 MB Internal Hard Disk
	Performa 578:	8MB RAM/320 MB Internal Hard Disk
   Upgrades to PowerPC's will eventually be avaialble for the whole
   Performa 500 series (550, 560, and the above 570's).
   Educators will be able to buy the Performa 467, 475, 550, and 575
   through the Apple Educator Advantage Program.

		    New Quadra 605 prices/bundles:

   Quadra 605 8MB RAM/160 MB Internal Hard Disk:	$1,069
   Quadra 605 4/160 "Business Productivity Solution":	$1,019
   Quadra 605 8/250 "Business Productivity Solution":	$1,329
	The "Business Productivity Solution" bundle includes:
	"ClarisWorks from Claris, Quicken from Intuit, Astound! from Gold
	Disk Inc., FileDuo from ASD Software, Inc., Full Contact from FIT
	Software, Common Ground from No Hands Software, Working Watermarker
	from Working Software Inc., and the American Heritage Dictionary
	from SoftKey International Inc.  Complete applications with manuals
	are included.  Monitor and keyboard must be purchased separately."