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PowerShare Collaboration Servers

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With PowerShare Collaboration Server software, network administrators can centralize PowerTalk services (built into Macintosh System 7.5) for workgroup access. PowerShare provides mail and catalog server capabilities optimized for group use, and includes an additional level of network security.

  • Server-based mail. PowerShare stores all messages on a remote server, rather than on each user's computer. This makes it easy for network administrators to monitor disk allocation and use, and frees space on users' hard disks. PowerShare also enables retrieval of mail when using someone else's computer, and permits those sharing a computer to have private mailboxes.
  • Shared catalogs. With PowerShare, a single administrator handles everything -- there's no need for individual users to maintain personal address books separately. Centralizing catalog administration makes your communications system more reliable -- and makes users more productive.
  • Enhanced network security. PowerShare keeps communications confidential by encrypting messages as they move along the network.
  • Easy installation and management. An Easy Setup utility allows the administrator to configure servers in a matter of minutes -- just give the system a name and password, and Easy Setup takes care of the rest. All that's left is to add users. Subsequent server administration is performed using a remote administration program, allowing the network administrator to manage servers from any Macintosh computer on the network.

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