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Power Macintosh G3 All-in-one

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Designed for education customers, Power Macintosh G3 all-in-one computers deliver the features most requested by educators today--in a single, convenient package. They provide state-of-the-art technology and outstanding performance that make multimedia creation and playback more accessible--and more affordable--than ever.

Built around the same high-performance PowerPC G3 processor that sparked the success of Apple's current line of desktop systems, these computers are fast and ready for multimedia and the Internet.

General Information

Based on the high-performance PowerPC G3 processor, which features performance-boosting backside level 2 cache and fast bus speeds. Features built-in Ethernet for fast and easy connection to school networks. Integrates an advanced graphics accelerator chip for high-quality 64-bit graphics and quick, smooth 2D and 3D viewing and editing.

Processor and memory

  • 233- or 266-MHz PowerPC G3 processor
  • 512K backside level 2 cache on processor module
  • 117- or 133-MHz dedicated 64-bit backside bus
  • Integrated floating-point unit and 64K on-chip level 1 cache (32K data and 32K instruction)
  • 66-MHz system bus
  • 32MB of SDRAM; 3 DIMM slots support up to 384MB
  • 4MB of ROM
  • 64-bit memory bus


  • Internal 4GB IDE hard disk drive
  • Internal 1.44MB Apple SuperDrive floppy disk drive
  • Internal 24x-speed (maximum) CD-ROM drive


  • Connectivity
    • Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) port
    • DB-15 connector for monitor
    • Internal/external SCSI bus (up to 5MBps)
    • Two high-speed DMA serial (RS-232/RS-422) ports
  • Communications
    • Built-in 10BASE-T Ethernet connector (10Mbps)
    • Three 7-in.-PCI expansion slots compatible with PCI 2.1-compliant cards

Media capabilities

  • Display
    • Multiple-scan, tilt-and-swivel color display: 15-in. (13.8-in. diagonal viewable image size)
    • 2MB of SGRAM video memory; supports up to 6MB
    • Supports thousands of colors at up to 1,024- by 768-pixel resolution (24-bit); supports millions of colors at up to 832- by 624-pixel resolution (32-bit)
    • Refresh rate of up to 85 Hz
  • Sound
    • Mini jacks for 16-bit CD-quality stereo input/output; up to 44.1-kHz sampling rate
    • Two front headphone jacks
  • Video
    • Built-in 64-bit graphics and multimedia accelerator chip
    • 24-bit video input; real-time video playthrough of up to 640 by 480 pixels with NTSC; 768 by 576 pixels with PAL and SECAM; up to 320- by 240-pixel capture at 30 frames per second with NTSC; maximum capture size of 640 by 480 pixels with NTSC; digital audio/video (DAV) connector*
    • 24-bit video output; supports RGB and optional NTSC*

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