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This project, ioquake3 (or ioq3 for short,) aims to build upon id Software's Quake 3 source code release. The source code was released on August 20, 2005 under the GPL. Since then, we have been cleaning up, fixing bugs, and adding features.

Our permanent goal is to create the open source Quake 3 distribution uponwhich people base their games and projects. We also seek to have the perfect version of the engine for playing Quake 3: Arena, Team Arena, and all popular mods. This distribution of the engine has been ported to many new platforms and has had a slew of new features added, along with massive bug extermination. While we don't have PunkBuster (and never will), we do havemore security for servers and clients from various bugfixes which aren't in id's client.

More information can be found at http://ioquake3.org/.

Installing the package

Download and install the neko_quake3-35 (version 2) tardist package from the Nekoware repository.

Installation of the precompiled binary package can be achieved using either Software Manager or inst: In the case of inst, all that's required is the command:

~ $ inst -f /path/to/neko_quake3.tardist
install all
keep *.opt.src

You will need "root" privileges to install the software.

A list of all files is installed by this package is available.

Package Dependencies

The following additional packages are required to run this software correctly:

  • sdl_(neko_mips4)|neko_sdl (version 7)
  • libiconv_(neko_mips4)|neko_libiconv (version 3)

Package Incompatibilities

The following packages are marked as incompatible.

  • No incompatibilities.

Package Layout

Default indicates whether the subsystem will be installed if "install standard" (or similar) is used. Order is used if any given subsystem must be installed before others.

Name Size [Kbytes] Default Order Description
neko_quake3.sw.eoe 3,411 Yes 9999 Execution Only Environment
neko_quake3.opt.relnotes 1 No 9999 Release Notes
neko_quake3.opt.dist 2 No 9999 Distribution Files


As for the majority of Nekoware packages, the 7.4.x release of SGI's MIPSpro suite has been used to build this package.


export CC=cc



Release Notes

Click on the "show" link to expand the contents of the package's 'relnotes' file.


Known Issues:

  • Lightmaps tend to reduce performance on low texture memory machines signficantly (HighIMPACT/MaxIMPACT/MXI/MXE)
  • Slow on MXI/MXE graphics -- Reduce resolution and texture size. Use 16-bit textures.
  • I've heard the sky looks screwed up. It looks fine to me (when enabled, see below).
  • Turn off skies for extra performance.
  • Without lightmaps, things look very bright.
  • Occassional random polygon has weird texturing on it every few minutes. I can't reproduce this and it only lasts for one frame or so. It's likely a NAN or something for texture coordinates.
  • No native Q3VM for MIPS exists, so just-in-time compiling of VM code isn't happening. This produces a tiny performance hit, but even on a 250MHz Octane it was unnoticable -- largely the game is limited by graphics power.
  • Stereographics with Crystal Eyes does works with ioquake 1.36.


  • Binaries are built in release mode and optimized for R10000 processors.
  • To run, use /usr/nekoware/bin/quake3
  • By default, Quake3 looks for its game data /usr/nekoware/game/quake3. So you need your baseq3 folder in this folder.


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