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I'm trying to run GL Quake in fullscreen on an O2, but as soon as the screen initialises, and tries to take control of the screen it weirds out as if the screen is running at the wrong frequency, displaying 3-4 ghost images across the screen. I've tried all possible xscreen permutations but to no avail.

It works fine if it run it in a window with the "-nofullscreen" parameter, but I don't want it windowed.

(I've applied all existing O2 GL patches)

This problem exists on all 20 out-of-the-box O2s.

Any ideas/suggestions ?



QuakeGL 0.90, R10K, 64MB RAM, 174Mhz, (X-screen: 1280x1024-60, 16+16)


It tries to run in 640x480 by default, and I'm guessing your monitors aren't capable of that (though the default O2 monitors are, as I've just finished all shareware levels on my O2 R10K, with all the secrets revealed :) ). Does it's own setmon, so obviously xscreen won't help.

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