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Quantrix and Y2K patch problem

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Anyone experiencing problems running Quantrix on a HP PA-RISC box running
NEXTSTEP 3.3 with Y2K patches applied. When I start Quantrix, the cursor
keeps on spindling, not showing any menu or window belonging to the
application itself. I can only kill it through the Processes panel of the
Workspace manager. Quantrix creates three files in a tempxxxxxxx.quantrix
directory in the /tmp directory, all dated August 1, 1997 (might be a Y2K
I'm using Quantrix 2.4.


As I recall, the problem is that when we upgraded the version of gnutar to a
Y2K version, it broke Quantrix.  There's a TIL article on this.  Quantrix
uses tar to create new documents from a template in it's app wrapper.  If
you start Quantrix by opening an existing document, it should start (since
it's not creating a new document).  Then you need to set the preferences to
not create an untitled document on startup.

Thanks all for the help. As all of you pointed out, it turned out to be a
problem with the updated Y2K-patched-gnutar. So, as suggested by a good NEXT
resource I happen to know, I restored the old gnutar from my Next CD to
/usr/local/bin/qntar and modified the Localizable.strings in the Quantrix
app directory to point to this version of gnutar, rather than the one in
/usr/bin. Works well.