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QuickTime Media Layer

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QuickTime is the industry standard multimedia architecture used by software tool vendors and content creators to store, edit and play synchronized graphics, sound, video, text and music. QuickTime is the most pervasive container and playback engine for multimedia content delivered on CD-ROM and the Internet for Macintosh, Windows and other platforms.

QuickTime VR

QuickTime VR delivers Virtual Reality in both panoramas and objects. In panoramas, you can look up and down, turn around, zoom in to see detail, or zoom out for a broader view. Objects are interactive. By clicking and dragging, you examine things like the sculptures in a museum or the merchandise in a store. See example scenes and objects in three dimensions or get developer information, tools and descriptions of the technology.

QuickDraw 3D

QuickDraw 3D is a cross-platform application program interface (API) for creating and rendering real-time, workstation-class 3D graphics. It consists of human interface guidelines and toolkit, a high-level modeling tool kit, a shading and rendering architecture, a cross-platform file format and a device and acceleration manager for plug and play hardware acceleration.