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The REALmagic3D multimedia accelerator (SD6430) is the first single chip 3D and 2D 64-bit graphics accelerator designed from scratch to meet the Microsoft Direct3D and DirectDraw APIs. The chip integrates high performance 3D graphics, 2D acceleration, and full screen real-time video playback with a 200 MHz true color RAMDAC.

REALmagic3D supports a full set of 3D graphics features such as:

  • Gouraud shading and flat shading
  • MIP mapping and tri-linear filtering
  • Z-Buffering (16- or 24-bit) to speed the removal of hidden surfaces
  • Full perspective correction providing higher quality texture mapping
  • Alpha blending and translucent effects for realistic rendering of glass, water or plastic
  • Fog and depth cueing for atmospheric effects used to render realistic environments

The chip also provides extraordinarily fast 2D graphics hardware acceleration for bitBLT, pattern, area fill, and line drawings. Its integrated video processor supports multimedia video acceleration, including accelerated motion video playback, using horizontal and vertical scaling with bi-linear X-Y interpolation, color space conversion, and smooth scaling, in hardware, to enable playback of 3D interactive multimedia applications with MPEG video content.

With its integrated 24-bit RAMDAC, dual clock synthesizer, and hardware cursor, the product is also fully VGA compatible with a complete suite of software drivers and VGA BIOS support.

The REALmagic3D 64-bit graphics accelerator uses Sigma Designs' existing MPEG product technology combined with Microsoft's ActiveMovie, to provide high quality MPEG video playback. Sigma's CD Station software allows Windows MPEG software titles and Video CD movies to run at 30 frames per second with full screen SIF resolution for MPEG, Indeo and Cinepak formats on Pentium 120 or better.

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