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REALmagic64/GX embodies Sigma's industry-leading strengths in MPEG technology and product design as it delivers superior graphics performance and the best possible quality software-decoded MPEG video playback.

The REALmagic64/GX is a highly integrated single-chip that includes an optimized 64-bit graphics accelerator engine, unique motion-video acceleration hardware, an efficient PCI interface, a highly tuned memory interface with a fully compatible VGA controller and high performance RAMDAC, all in a single 208-pin PQFP package. Evaluation boards and complete reference designs are available for customer evaluation. The device is expected to ship in volume in September.

The REALmagic64/GX accelerator has a state-of-the-art graphics engine and motion-video playback features that provide the right mix of hardware acceleration and CPU processing. By improving the quality of motion-video playback, Sigma Designs is responding to users' needs and is giving manufacturers a key marketing advantage.

To simplify customer design effort, the REALmagic64/GX is made pin-compatible with the Trio64V+ family of graphics accelerators from S3 Inc. Now manufacturers can upgrade their existing Trio64V+ designs to take advantage of the higher graphics acceleration and superior video playback features of the REALmagic64/GX.

Key Benefits

Better Graphics Performance. The 64-bit architecture supporting REALmagic64/GX yields 20% faster GUI acceleration than competitive products. It also offers superior graphics performance, thanks to an advanced BitBLT engine and a fine tuned 64-bit DRAM display memory interface.

Accelerated Video Processing. The video engine includes a YUV to RGB color-space converter to accelerate decompression, and a hardware scaler to provide smooth horizontal and vertical scaling. Proprietary XY-interpolation techniques allow the engine to deliver to video playback in a variety of frame sizes. The video can overlay on graphics at different color depths.

Easier Implementation. REALmagic64/GX is hardware and BIOS compatible with IBM's VGA display standard. It is packaged in an industry-standard 208-pin PQFP package with pinout compatibility with Trio64V+ (from S3 Inc.). DRAM support of 1 MB to 4MB allows the accelerator to be integrated with machines at a variety of price/performance levels.

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