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The REALmagic PRO Advanced Scalar & Overlay Chip Set is a complete solution for hardware MPEG playback, TV tuner, live video display, frame capture, and other video overlay applications.

The REALmagic PRO chip set consists of three chips:

  • EM7110 - Scalar/Mixer Chip
  • EM9220 - Multiple Clock Generator
  • EM9000 - REAL Overlay Chip

The EM9000 REAL Overlay chip utilizes analog technology that completely eliminates the need for a feature connector, making it compatible with virtually all VGA or SVGA cards available today.

The EM9000 supports resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200 at 85 Hz non-interlaced refresh. It is also capable if displaying video at 16.8 million (24-bit) colors.

The EM7110 Scalar/Mixer chip is capable of scaling the video window from 16 x 16 icon size to full screen with no degradation in video performance. It has both horizontal and vertical filtering to provide superior quality, and includes software controlled brightness, contrast, and saturation digital adjustments.

The REALmagic PRO MPEG Playback Controller utilizes all the advanced capabilities of the REALmagic PRO chip set, providing easy installation and excellent video quality. Optional VGA to TV, flicker-free output allows user to display VGA and video on large-scree TVs and projectors. Includes drivers and utility software for MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95 (Plug and Play), Windows NT, and OS/2, and is fully compatible with the OM-1 standard. This is the complete hardware accelerated MPEG playback solution.

The REALmagic PRO TV Tuner Board is a state-of-the-art TV on a board solution, providing a cable-ready, 125 channel TV tuner that displays video in a scaleable window on top of any VGA or SVGA display. Also includes two video input for VCRs, laserdisc players, video game consoles, or camcorders for display on the VGA monitor. Remote Control utility provided for Windows 3.x and Windows 95 (Plug and Play).

The REALmagic PRO TV Tuner/MPEG Playback COntroller combines the functionality of the TV Tuner Board with the MPEG playback controller into a single-board multimedia video solution. Watch Video CD movies from CD-ROM or your favorite TV program, right from your desktop computer.

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