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REALmagic Ultra

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The REALmagic Ultra is the ultimate corporate multimedia solution. It combines the hardware accelerated MPEG playback capabilities of REALmagic with Windows PCM stereo audio playback. Its Analog Overlay technology completely eliminates compatibility issues with high-end graphics cards while maintaining full functionality. It also incorporates horizontal and vertical interpolation to smooth out rough edges, even when scaled to resolutions as high as 1600 x 1200. Support for 24-bit colors and user-adjustable brightness/contrast/saturation provide excellent video display quality at any resolution. With 100% Windows 95 Plug and Play compatibility and support for multiple operating systems, REALmagic Ultra is an essential part of any business training or multimedia presentation system.

Flicker-free TV output capability (NTSC or PAL) allows the REALmagic Ultra to display both VGA graphics and MPEG video directly on large-screen TV's and television projectors for full impact presentations.

Unlike software MPEG playback solutions, REALmagic Ultra accelerates MPEG video to a guaranteed 30 fps with CD quality stereo sound without taking valuable CPU bandwidth. The video window is also fully scaleable from 16 x 16 icon size to resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200.

REALmagic ULTRA Specifications
MPEG Video Standard Full compliance with MPEG standard (ISO 11172)
MPEG Playback Colors 24-bit (16.8 million colors for tru-to-life video
MPEG Resolution Up to 1600 x 1200, resizeable from icon size 16x 16 to full


Frames per second (fps) 30 fps (NTSC), 25 fps (PAS), 24 fps (FILM) sustained frame rate
Overlay Format - 24-bit VGA colorkey; Replace any VGA color with full-motion

- Full Video chromakey: Replace any color from full-motion video with VGA/SVGA graphics

MPEG Audio Standard Layers I and II (16-bit CD-quality sound)
MPEG Audio Playback 16-bit Stereo, 32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz sampling rates
Windows PCM Playback 16-bit Stereo, up to 44.1kHz sampling rates
CD-ROM Formats Supported - ISO 9660, CD Audio (red Book), CD-i (Green Book)*, Video CD

(White Book)*, Karaoke CD (Bridge Format)*
*CD-ROM drive must support XA, Mode 2, Form 2

MPEG Supported Graphics Resolutions - 640 x 480 - 16.8 million colors at 120Hz

- 800 x 600 - 16.8 million colors at 100Hz
- 1024 x 768 - 16.8 million colors at 90Hz
- 1280 x 1024 - 16.8 million colors at 85Hz
- 1600 x 1200 - 16.8 million colors at 85Hz

Software Driver Support - DOS with Open MPEG Consortium (OM1) AP1

- REALmagic compatible
- Windows 95, Windows NT, and Windows 3.x
- Supports Windows OLETM 2.0

System Interface - Standard 16-bit ISA bus connection

- 15-pin VGA/SVGA connector (D-sub)
- Stereo mini-headphone/line-out jack (3.5mm)
- VGA input port (9-pin din)

Optional TV Output - NTSC or PAL

- Composite and S-Video

Agency Approval FCC Class B, CE
Part Numbers - 45100

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