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Radius Announces Motion JPEG Video Solution for QTML Production - 04/1997

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Radius Announces Motion JPEG Video Solution for QTML Production on the MacOS Desktop

Las Vegas, NV, April 7, 1997--Radius Inc. (NASDAQ:RDUS) announces VideoVision ML, a QuickTime Media Layer production system for the Mac OS. At a U.S. suggested retail price of $2,999, VideoVision ML establishes a new price point for professional video production compared to competing offerings, which sell at a 50-100% premium. It provides an unparalleled QuickTime solution that is ideally suited to the demands of media creators who rely upon the scalability of both image size and data rate to efficiently produce movies for broadcast, 3D, the Web or CD-ROM.

VideoVision ML provides complete QuickTime functionality, allowing seamless work with any QuickTime- compatible 3D, editing or animation application. VideoVision ML also includes a frame buffer that provides a second desktop on a video monitor allowing graphic artists, animators and editors to work directly with their material in the correct NTSC color space on a flicker-free, video display. VideoVision ML enhances workflow by allowing users to capture quarter-screen media, saving both rendering time and disk space. This media can be output to tape at full size in realtime using hardware-based resizing to create draft copies and approval tapes for clients.

Radius Edit 2.0, Radius' professional non-linear editing application, is bundled with VideoVision ML, providing the environment to efficiently integrate the many different types of media created on the MacOS. VideoVision ML also includes an RGB component cable so that 3D designers can output animations at the highest quality to Betacam SP™ decks that provide component RGB input.

"VideoVision ML provides the QuickTime integration required by today's media professionals," said Bud Koch, Vice President of Marketing. "The new price point should really expand the market for desktop video systems. It is the perfect companion for 3D graphic designers especially those using Radius' Thunder 3D for production and output to tape."


  • Compression ratios to 2:1 - PCI bus transfer rates now allow high quality video production at very low compression ratios. New on board encoder provides very high quality S-video.
  • Frame buffer / Convolution - allows customers to use their video monitor as desktop, making it easy to preview colors and interlacing on the output device before finalizing their project.
  • Hardware synchronized audio - On board hardware provides synchronization from a common clock for audio synchronization in any length movie.
  • Adjustable capture size - allows customers to capture only the size they need saving disk space and time. This provides a perfect environment for proxy editing and creation of QuickTime movies not slated for tape.
  • SoftStudio™ - SoftStudio is technology that allows users to view movies on any Mac, share media with others and render on any machine, even on those without video hardware installed.
  • Interpolated playback allows users to get the look of film on video when using high data rates and to create draft quality full frame movies with smaller frame sizes. Creative professionals utilize this feature to save time and disk space during the creative process for creating comps and drafts of 3D animations for client approval.

CUSTOMER PROFILE VideoVision ML is designed for video professionals whose work demands the power and flexibility of complete QuickTime integration. VideoVision ML is the ideal tool for customers who produce video for commercials, demonstrations, 3D animations, corporate video, and interactive CD-ROMs.

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