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Radius Thunder 3D PCI

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Thunder 3D is designed to offer the fastest performance for image manipulation whether you're doing 3D modeling, visualization, layout, or conventional 2D design. The onboard processors work to accelerate QuickDraw performance to the level that you have come to expect from a Radius Thunder family graphics card. More than simply accelerating QuickDraw however, the Thunder 3D graphics card is optimized to deliver lightning fast acceleration for QuickDraw 3D. Whether your applications use standard QuickDraw 3D or if they are optimized for the QuickDraw 3D RAVE interface, the Thunder 3D card delivers hardware acceleration that will change the way you work and think about 3D.

The Thunder 3D graphics card is designed for high end 3D processing. Combining the rendering power of the 3D Labs GLINT 500TX chip with the new GLINT Delta pipeline preprocessor engine, QuickDraw 3D is boosted to incredible performance when processing complex images.

Radius has developed an exclusive triple-ported memory architecture that ensures that your data moves lightning fast to the screen. But more than simply displaying your image on the screen, we also offer ultra fast frame-rate performance that translates to smoother animations and faster model manipulations. And Thunder 3D's large texture memory allows you to work with up to a 2K x 2K pixel texture for your images without any performance penalty. If image-manipulation speed or super fast model-visualization makes or breaks your bottom line, the Thunder 3D card will deliver the performance you need to succeed.

The advantages of working with higher resolutions are clear. Thunder 3D provides Super Resolution at 1600 x 1200 nearly doubling the standard built-in video resolution of 1152 x 870 available on most Mac OS based systems. Super Resolution displays 92% more pixels which provides professionals with greater image detail, smoother graphics and maximum desktop area available on any Mac OS system today.

Super Resolution will dramatically enhance your view of intricate images on-screen. You will spend less time scrolling around, and more time doing what you need to do. See for yourself how much better everything you're working on looks. On-screen type and graphics are crisper because you've got 39% more detail to display.

Thunder 3D cards give you something you won't find anywhere else. Our exclusive ChromaFlow technology gives you access to a 30-bit color palette when used in conjunction with the Radius ProSense Display Calibrator. Color Banding is eliminated. Subtle nuances in shadows and highlights are more accurately displayed. In any area where color accuracy is critical, the difference is significant.

Interface: Macintosh PCI bus compatible
Color Display Modes 8, 16, 24 bits per pixel
Color Fidelity Possible palette of over one billion colors available via on-board 30-bit

DAC. This technolgy is called ChromaFlow and allows for 30-bit color calibration

on screen.*
VRAM 8 Megabytes of Dual-Ported VRAM
VRAM Data Path 128-bit
Texture Memory & Z-buffer 24 Megabytes of High Speed EDO DRAM
Z-buffer bit-depth at all resolutions 32-bits

16-bit Double-buffering up to:

32-bit Double-buffering up to:

1600x 1200

1152 x 870

Hardware Acceleration 3Dlabs 500TX, 3Dlabs Delta Pipeline Preprocessor
Pixel clock 220 MHz
RAMDAC 10-bit 3-channel Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
Connector 15-pin DSUB type female (Macintosh standard)
Video Output RS-343A, Analog RGB, 75 Ohms, sync on green and separate TTL composite horizontal and vertical sync
Regulatory Compliance FCC Class B, VCCI Class 2, CISPR22A Canadian DOC Class B, CE Mark

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