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Radius VideoVision PCI

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Radius brings proven non-linear video technology to the Macintosh PCI platform with VideoVision® PCI. VideoVision PCI is Radius' next generation, QuickTime compatible full-motion, full-screen, video capture and playback system. It features real-time, high quality video input and output, synchronized 16-bit CD quality stereo audio at up to 48KHz, and 24-bit color. Designed to work with Power Macintosh models incorporating the PCI bus, VideoVision PCI ships with a powerful software bundle including Radius Edit 2.0 and Adobe After Effects to provide a complete video production solution.



The Professional Standard QuickTime Video Solution

VideoVision PCI provides the best performance, user flexibility and video quality in its class. VideoVision PCI provides the proven performance of the VideoVision Studio, utilized by tens of thousands of users, and adds new features including PCI compatibility, CD quality16-bit on-board stereo audio, synchronized to the video clock and high quality encoding of video signals. Plus, VideoVision PCI has an incredible software solution bundled right in the box

High-Performance Digital Video Compression

With VideoVision PCI you can capture full screen, full motion, 29.97fps, digital video input and output to and from your hard disk. VideoVision PCI delivers unsurpassed real time hardware accelerated JPEG compression and decompression of each video frame, so you can perform nonlinear, frame accurate, video editing. VideoVision PCI also digitizes stereo audio and stores it with the video for synchronized editing.

Broadcast-Quality Video

VideoVision PCI delivers broadcast quality video output in NTSC and PAL formats. Using the optional cable, VideoVision PCI produces a component RGBS output signal that can run directly through a broadcast encoder.

External Connector Panel

VideoVision PCI gives you more ways to plug into desktop video with our external connector panel. The unique panel provides 13 different connectors for multiple input and output options.

Variable Window Resizing

VideoVision PCI lets you customize the size of your video windows without sacrificing quality. Explore the possibilities for creative broadcast designs, presentations, videos, kiosks, and any other projects.

Deck Control

VideoVision PCI includes professional VTR deck control software and cabling to allow you to speed through batch captures and edits with accuracy.

Flicker-free Editing and Presentations

VideoVision PCI incorporates a unique feature, a convolution filter, that allows you to utilize your NTSC or PAL monitor as an additional screen on your Macintosh desktop. With additional desktop real estate editing video projects is much more efficient. The convolution filter also allows you to record flicker-free video presentations and animations directly from your desktop to video tape in real time.

QuickTime Software Codec

VideoVision PCI inclues a software codec, that allows users to work with VideoVision files on a machine without video hardware installed. This facilitates file exchange between users and rendering on lower cost work stations.

24-bit Video Quality with 8-bit Displays

VideoVision PCI lets you input and edit movies in 24-bit color, even if your display is in 8-bit color mode. This allows you to work with a two-page display in 8-bit color without sacrificing quality.

Designed to take advantage of the latest technologies

VideoVision PCI is fully PowerPC native and built for the PCI Bus. With Macintosh 7500, 8500, and 9500 support, you'll tap the rendering power of the latest PowerPC and the fastest bus yet on a Macintosh.

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