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Release Notes for Copland Developer Release: Tools Edition

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This document covers the functionality available in this release of Copland and lists the known problems. You can refer to this document as an aid in determining whether a problem you're encountering is known by Apple. If you are experiencing a problem that is not in the list below, we want to hear about it! For details on reporting bugs to Apple, see the documents “Installing and working w/Copland” and “How to Report a Bug” on this CD.

Basic Functionality

This release provides only basic Mac OS functionality. You can perform many everyday tasks, but there are limitations. Below is a summary of the things you can and cannot do in this release. Later in this document, you will find a detailed list of known problems. Please check this list first when deciding to report a problem to Apple.

This release is designed to run only on the following Power Macintosh models: 6100/60, 6100/66, 7100/66, 7100/80, 8100/80 and 8100/100. See the document “Installing and working w/Copland” on this CD for more configuration information.

This release will not work with multiple monitors. If multiple monitors are connected your Macintosh, Copland will only use the one connected to built-in video.

Your monitor must be set to 256 Colors (8-bit mode) before booting this release. Set this with the Monitors control panel when booted to the System 7.5 startup volume.

You may only have one volume mounted in the current release of Copland. If a volume has multiple partitions, only one of those partitions can be mounted. All other volumes and partitions must have a file called “No Copland Mount” to prevent them from being mounted (and possibly corrupted) while running Copland. See instructions for setting up in the document “Installing and working w/Copland” on this CD.

Always backup your hard disks before running pre-release software. Do not run this release on a machine that contains data you cannot replace. Disk corruption is common in this early release.

If you are experiencing unexplained crashes, try reformatting your Copland drive and reinstalling the Copland software.

In this release, you can...

  • Use the two-machine Power Mac Debugger (use the version provided with this release)
  • Use MacsBug (you must use the version provided with this release)
  • Capture screen-shots (command-shift-3)
  • Use the Finder to view files and folders, and arrange windows on your desktop
  • Create and rename folders in the Finder
  • Move files (spring-loaded folders work, give them a try!)
  • Delete files (move files to trash & empty trash)
  • Launch and quit some native applications
  • Open and save files with some native 3rd party applications
  • Change Finder Preferences
  • Change the look of your Macintosh using the AppearanceCP
  • Create and use pop-up windows by dragging Finder windows to the bottom of your screen

In this release, you CANNOT...

  • Restart/Shutdown (use command-shift-power key to force a reboot)
  • Copy or duplicate files
  • Print
  • Use applications that require any of the following:
  • Use most networking applications
  • Use most emulated applications
  • Use the Chooser
  • Use the Find command in the Finder
  • Change bit-depths (only 256 Colors is supported)
  • Add items to or remove items from the Apple Menu (the Apple Menu is not yet supported)

Other things to look out for...

  • Extensions and Desk Accessories are no longer supported in Copland
  • You will not be prevented from throwing away vital parts of the System. Exercise caution when dragging items to the Trash
  • In the Finder, dragging windows to the bottom of the screen to create pop-up windows is only supported for the hard disk, trash and folders. Do not attempt this with dialogs or other windows in the Finder
  • View by Button (View menu) will result in an empty window. To see the items, choose another view, such as View by Icon. If you choose View by Button for the Desktop, you may crash trying to change the view
  • If you have more than one external hard disk, you may have trouble booting Copland. If so, try removing or replacing the additional hard disks
  • When switching from an application to the Finder, do not click directly on the Desktop to switch layers; instead click on an open Finder window. If you do click on the Desktop, click back on an application window, then on a Finder window to activate the Finder

Known Problems

The following is a list of some of the known problems with this Copland Developer Release. The number before each bug is used internally for tracking the problem.

Many Debug strings and assertions are not mentioned in this list. Unnecessary assertions and debugstrs will be removed in a later release. Some ordinary activities (such as opening a folder), may produce an assertion in the Power Mac Debugger; you can usually ignore these. However, if you experience a crash soon after an assertion, include the assertion information when you report the bug.

If you find a bug that is not on this list, please report it to Apple. If possible, please try to isolate the bug (example, if a window title is redrawing incorrectly in the Finder, see if the same thing happens in an application). For details on reporting bugs against this release, see the document “How to Report a Bug” on this CD.


1294071	Unable to build the icon font popup menu in the Finder Preferences dialog.
1295299	Option-drag file from open trash to folder two times crashes
1295421	Possible to trash items as they are being copied, duplicated
1295517	Possible to drag to trash, Empty trash files in use, including system!
1295939	Trash empties by itself after first user request.
1296285	Items dragged from Trash to root window in Icon view disappear/reappear.
1296557	"Shade sorted column and backgrounds" disabled, desktop won't redraw.
1296553	Closing a "popup window" by dragging to the bottom leaves window active.
1296577	Column resizing cursor appears, even when cursor outside of window.
1296580	Area for "Warn before emptying" in Trash info is too small.
1296581	The Trash is empty line in Trash Get Info flickers.
1296584	Command-click on Finder container window title doesn't show path pop-up
1296662	Finder Prefs. falls into "icon lost" loop when using "Other…" font size popup menu
1296719	Make Alias gives an alert "-194."
1296726	No dividing line between header info and column headings in Finder list view.
1297020	More than 1 Finder pop-up window results in windows with missing controls
1297054	Get Info on font suitcases causes Copland to crash
1297074	Asserts and no fonts shown in Finder Prefs' "Icon Font" screen
1297077	Cannot access 'Labels' portion of Finder Preferences
1297084	Colors don't show in File/Label submenu
1297088	Dragging icon to menubar causes crash
1297113	Assertion when launching App from drawer
1297132	Put Away files on the Desktop makes them offset like an alias
1297246	Second & greater alias created points to original of first alias created
1296054	Tab not keeping relative position on Popup: Window can disappear.
1297105	Unable to alter View of window created from drawer handle
1294901	DesktopAnim modules running on desktop picture go very slow
1295734	Last active window in Finder is not made active again after twitching.
1295752	Cannot select Finder windows after twitching from an application.
1297911	If a copy is cancelled half way through folders do not show up, must re-open window
1295002	Choosing Buttons view option results in blank window/desktop (no buttons)
1295343 Cmd-Q can be used to quit the Finder in the debug version

Appearance (includes Appearance control panel)

1295683	Assertion when dismissing AppearanceCP Screen Saver's Options dialog
1295695	AppearanceCP's Screen Saver 'Demo' button results in 'MissingParams' assert.
1294898	BadIndex assertion when AppearanceCP application quit
1296944	Apple Picture background appears shifted down about 10 pixels
1297248	Assert when toggling AppearanceCP Screen Saver Options radio button
1297361	AppearanceCP highlight doesn't change in Backgrounds during 'Undo'
1297376	AppearanceCP's Apple Pic 'Background pattern…' doesn't return to default after cancelling
1296913	Crash within AppearanceCP with 'Use Defaults' after quit/relaunch
1295751	Asserts given when Setting Defaults within AppearanceCP
1294915	Color button in AppearanceCP has no result
1296765	Benign assertion at AppearanceCP 'System Font' page
1294893	AppearanceCP redraw prob when dismissing 'Select picture file…' after getting PICT
1294903	AppearanceCP clicking ApplePicture 'center' popupmenu gives assert
1294878	AppearanceCP Perspective background slider value doesn't update
1296355	AppearanceCP Fruit Bowl Desktop causes hang.
1297852	Click on slider in AppearanceCP 'Perspective' background moves it to maximum
1297874	Screen Saver idle minutes not being saved
1297895	AppearanceCP window cannot be dragged go left/right/bottom sides


1296905	Tries to load cfrags from wrong drive (the first one seen), startup halts
1295516	Drag files to trash, Empty trash, files reappear after reboot
1292605	Cannot rename APPLICATIONS in the Finder
1285647	FSPathOpenFork returns large, consistent error on certain calls

High-Level Macintosh Toolbox

1296801	Calling DetachResource on a popup menu handle causes crash
1297261	GetNewControl contrlVis & contrlData fields inconsistent with Sys 7.5
1289624	Keyboard focus after a ShortenDITL
1294981	bad assert in Panel__SetKeyboardFocus
1295377	balloon items cause dialog assert
1295497	Out of bounds value passed to SetDialogItemKeyboardFocus
1292173	DebugStr found in Fruit Flies module when moving fruit basket.
1296389	PopupMenuSelect flashes while tracking
1296661	Loop of Assertion "validitem" failed when selecting app menu choice
1293882	NMRemove crash, expecting Not in queue error
1294111	All Notification requests fail
1295453	Multiple EditTextObject panels cause weird Dialog behavior
1295581	PutScrap problems when length <= 0
1296869	PutScrap() on disk overwrites previous scrap
1296928	Delete clipboard, LoadScrap, InfoScrap return incorrect info.
1295771	Windows exposed by quitting applications don't get update events
1295839	ZoomWindow problems on inZoomIn in TE tool
1296570	Open an app, go to Finder, dbl-click app icon, window hidden.
1296619	Area behind window after windowshading not active
1296548	Pop-up window WIDO misses black border on left of window tab.
1296585	Windowshading a window leaves bits on any windowshade in the background.
1297112	Crash when popup window clicked during non-Finder application
1143053	DrawDialog does not check for error on LoadResource.
1162075	Menus longer than screen height don't show arrow at bottom, don't scroll
1167362	Can choose separator lines in application and help menus...
1183561	Menu Manager has no global recalc for Display Manager to call.

Miscellaneous Bugs

1297139	Typing very quickly (>100 wpm) causes keyboard input data corruption.
1295404	DrawText is slow
1296936	Anti-Aliased Truth font appears garbled in some settings
1295107	Application launch is different than System 7.5
1295583	Window outline not representative of actual window size
1296322	Capslock key does not affect typed characters
1295806	Screen Saver does not come on during expiration of idle time
1292028	NumToString/StringToNum need separate _TrapTableGlue entry points
1292028	NumToString/StringToNum need separate _TrapTableGlue entry points
1295306	When a timer is removed via RmvTime(), the time remaining is not correctly set.
1295309	Gestalt selector missing for timer services
1296554	Boot fails in FileManager:KVolumeMount with more than one external SCSI drive
1292488	Debugging assertions not caught when single stepping
1144640	CFM fails to report an initialization order problem in subloads.
1203647	DriverLoaderLib does not record failures in the Name Registry; it should
1297910	StandardPutFile ignores default name parameter
1297866	StdCLib stdio "fgets()" returns false EOF at 1024th character.
1297878	StdCLib stdio fopen() "w" option opens files for append rather than write.
1297882	SdtCLib stdio fopen() created files have incorrect file creator/type

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