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I did this using Resourcerer but it can be done
with ResEdit just as easily. The opening banner (the Welcome to Hotline thing) is pretty easy to hack out actually. You want the two "banner" resources. 
They are MooV and GIFf.
Simply open up a COPY (always work with a copy and not the original, just in case) of your HL 1.8 client with your resource editor of choice. 
Open one of the two resources mentioned above. 
Once opened you need to create a new resource. 
Save the empty resource and delete the resource with ID 128.
Change the empty resource's ID # to 128 and save. Do the same to the other of the two resources.
Once done, save completely out of your resource editor of choice. When you open your copy of your client it should work perfectly except no more opening banner. 
(If not, you did something wrong.) Replace the original with your new hacked copy and go.
To remove the banners in Hotline Client 1.8:
First you'll want to carry out the instructions above, that will take care of the opening banner. 
Then you need to create an empty text file. 
Inside the text file you want to place the following data:minus the "+"

++++++++++++++++++++++++ A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 

Save the text file as "Hosts", minus quotes and drop it into your system folder. 
Open up your TCP/IP control panel. 
In the Edit menu, change the user mode to "Advanced" and click on"Select Hosts File..." button. 
Find the Hosts file in your system and select it. Save out of TCP/IP
and restart your internet connection.All banners will be gone.

Final thing. 
To get rid of the cookie file, create and empty text file and name it "Cookies" noquotes (the same as the real Cookies file) and save it into the Hotline Data folder where it usually saves the Cookie file. 
Then lock this file using get info in the finder.

That should be all you need. 
Enjoy the new version if that's what you like. 
The file "news history" in the data folder should not be locked as it will prevent the app from functioning. Also it seems that hotline server 1.8 will transmit the IP of persons connected to the server to a banner site; thus restarting the banners... We recommend to servers not to use it until there is a fix for this condition... Of course all you're doing is your responsibility and this information is provided for educational purposes only... These hacks are not mine, I'm merely passing on some info, 


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