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Removing O2K Midplane

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First you need to remove all Node boards, XIO cards, disk drives and control module. Then you unscrew seven screws that hold the XIO cage in place (encircled in red):

Then pull the cage straight out:

Now it's time to remove the node board card holders, one at the bottom and one at the top. Two screws each:

The bottom card holder is simply lifted out. The top one is held in place with a latch which needs to be firmly pressed in the direction of the red arrow, then pulled gently down:

At last you will have the midplane in full view and you have no less than 14 screws, which are labeled with a encircled cross on the circuit board, to undo. The board is suspended by four knobs. Now give the board support by holding you hand at the bottom edge and take hold of a XIO connector (careful not to touch the compression connector) and wiggle to board out:

And you are done! Here is an empty O2K CPU module from the rear:

And from the front: