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Rendition builds low cost graphics controllers that provide PCs with unprecedented real-time 3D rendering capability. Rendition silicon and software, along with the next generation of PC entertainment and multimedia applications, will offer customers the most compelling and engaging interactive entertainment available anywhere.

Rendition was founded in January, 1993 to deliver high quality, low cost three dimensional graphics solutions for personal computers. The company's products will enable entertainment and multimedia applications to progress from the cartoon-like three dimensional graphics that prevail today to far more realistic graphics which combine greater detail, smoother shading, atmospheric effects, and higher frame rates. This level of graphics capability is crucial to the next generation of today's highly successful electronic entertainment applications.

Rendition will deliver these capabilities in the form of custom graphics chips and software libraries, at cost points which will make them accessible to the market at large. Rendition's product and technology directions are formed by listening carefully to the requirements of three constituencies: software developers, OEM customers, and end users who use their computer systems for games, entertainment, and education.

Rendition believes that however the competition shakes out between the various set-top boxes and game consoles, multimedia-equipped PCs will be an important platform for the delivery of entertainment and education content. Rendition products, along with next generation multimedia titles, will provide PC users with an experience qualitatively different from that which is available today.

The deep technical expertise of the Rendition management and engineering team has been drawn from a combination of workstation, PC graphics and semiconductor firms to accomplish this mission. Their collective experience represents decades of work in the fields of 2D and 3D graphics, CPU architecture and VLSI design. It is this depth of talent that uniquely characterizes the Rendition team, shapes their vision, and most certainly, ensures their results.


What is a Vérité?

Vérité is the name used to refer to Rendition's family of graphics acceleration chips. The first generation consisted of the Vérité V1000, the second generation is made up of the Vérité V2100 and V2200.

What is the difference between a V2100 and V2200?

The V2100 is a slightly scaled down and cost-reduced version of the V2200. It runs at a slower speed internally, and supports only a 4MB configuration. The V2100 is functionally identical to the V2200, supports the same 3D features, and is 100% software compatible with its big brother.


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