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Riverstone RS 38000

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The RS 38000 is a high density metro core router that delivers Ethernet/MPLS services over a wide variety of network technologies. It sits in the core of metro service delivery networks enabling VPLS and bridging between Ethernet and ATM/SONET/SDH/TDM infrastructures. By enabling VPLS, the RS 38000 allows service providers to offer converged business services like VPNs and Video conferencing and residential triple play services like VoIP, Video on demand, Broadcast television and Internet access. By supporting interworking between various technologies, the RS 38000 plays a critical role in the evolution of service provider networks from existing technologies to Ethernet. The combination of the RS 38000 with the RS 8600 and the Riverstone 15008, gives service providers a strong portfolio of products to build their metro core with.

With its uncompromising reliability including full hardware redundancy and support for Riverstone’s Hitless Protection System, the RS 38000 is a perfect fit for service creation in high-availability networks. In addition, its NEBS/ETSI compliance assures stellar performance even in demanding environments.

Key applications:

  • Create or aggregate Virtual Private LAN Services and Virtual Private Wire Services
  • Create cost-effective Ethernet metro core or regional transport networks between access rings, POPs, and data centers
  • Aggregate Ethernet traffic from metro networks, and support Packet-Over-SONET/SDH uplinks to the Internet core in a single, carrier-class platform
  • Act as the gateway between metro Ethernet networks and ATM networks to provide similar converged services across both technologies


  • Up to 4,096 VLANs
  • Up to 250,000 routes
  • Up to 20,000 security/access control filters
  • Up to 16,000,000 Layer 2 MAC addresses
  • Up to 170 Gbps non-blocking switching fabric
  • Up to 83 million packets-per-second routing throughput
  • MTBF (predicted) > 200,000 hours

Channelized DS3 Module

Riverstone Networks’ DS1/DS3 WAN solution leverages telco T1 leased line service for the remote and DS3 co-location service for the hub. It is an ideal match for Service Providers wanting to quickly deploy infrastructure for MTU/MDU and other applications.

Riverstone Networks’ four-port channelized DS3 line card extends the application-aware routing benefits of the RS 38000 to the WAN. The line card supports PPP, MLPPP, and Frame Relay. Detailed accounting information can be gathered using per-PVC wire-speed RMON, enabling confi rmation of committed information rates (CIRs).

By implementing all features in hardware, the Riverstone architecture enhances network performance compared with software-based routers. Additionally, congestion control is achieved across the WAN through flow-rate limiting together with Weighted Random Early Discard (WRED) and Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ). Prioritization policies can be extended from WAN to LAN environments enabling resource allocation to specific groups of users or application flows.

This four-port channelized DS3 line card for the RS38000 platform supports internal CSU/DSU. Each of the DS3 ports has a test port, allowing the user to test any DS1 within the DS3. The channelization feature allows the user to access all 28 DS1 individually. The MLPPP feature supports nxT1 bundling.


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