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This is a content dump from the file's current location at

Many of you have heard some sort of commotion about the mysterious user "SADwyw" that shows up at every server, and does not speak --just waits. This is what this document will hopefully help clarify. It is a spider that databases of every directory in every public server on the tracker and allows viewers of the page to search the database through a CGI interface. This is a concern of eververyone because these sorts of things will make people think that the Hotline scene is all about files. Admins of Hotline sites(like myself) would hope that this is not the case. For everyone else, this is an easy chance for room 222 and other sources to scrutinize your files without even logging in(and nobody wants to get a cease and disist letter!).

Where to find the home of the bot: is thier homepage is the SADwyw page

Ways to avoid the bot:

Ban it! Unfortunately though, it has two class C subnets. :-( and It will show up on any of those.

Get a bot to permenantly ban all people by the name of SADwyw.

Message it when it comes onto your server. This crashes the bot.

Put a recursive file in front of your file directory. This is one of the things that stopped it from getting my server  :-) My folder is included in this document.

Force users to use a password to get viewing/downloading privs(discouraged)

Write to and complain to about this bot

Write to thier ISP at and and complain

What I included:

10 items for all servers-> this is a list of 10 items from all catilouged servers as of 10/25/98. What you need to see if you are a sysadmin.(are you on there?)

partial search for mp3->this is just to give you an idea of what this thing can do, and show you an example of the output. The transfer was interuppted, so this is not the whole output of a search of this type.

sadwyw_e.html-> the interface for the bot(best viewed with MacLynx b1) sadwyw_e.text-> same as above, text format

this is for SADwdw-> this is a copy of the folder in my server(it must have blown it's mind because I'm not on the list!)

Info on SADwdw-> where to contact the ISP of the people running this bot(extended version, with things like telephone numbers)

Programmer's Digest Server-> a bookmark of my HL site, if you need to know something.

This is a very unofficial, poorly written document, so to get an idea of what it does and what I am talking about, read the info included. I, HardCoded , wrote this to give the HL community some information to start working with.

Now you understand the nature, and potential danger of this problem. Do something about it.

Sadwyw site.png


NO IP'S TO BAN (although that is a very good idea)


1. if you run a server, or are an admin of a server, download Pitbull Pro (sorry peecee users)

2. Under "Admin" menu, click "Kick Nick Names.."

3. now add all of these strings:

1. ^SADwyw (..)$
2. ^SADwyw (...)$
3. ^SADwyw (....)$
4. ^SADwyw (.....)$
5. ^SADwyw (......)$
6. ^SADwyw (.......)$
7. ^SADwyw (........)$
8. ^SADwyw (.........)$
9. ^SADwyw (..........)$
10. ^SADwyw (...........)$

those periods represent random numbers the SADwyw can use.. so,what rae you waiting for? GIVE IT A TRY!
login with the devil's name
example: SADwyw (23497)
and let the pitbull do the rest of the work ;-)

-Mr. Powerbook

Originally downloaded at:
The SADwyw Awareness server

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