SCSI Hard Disks (O2 Compatible)

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The following SCSI Hard Disk Drives are known to work with the SGI O2:

Any 1' SCSI drive with an 80-pin SCA-2 interface should work when attached to the O2's internal SCSI bus, so this list is far from comprehensive.

Suggestions for modern, low-noise 15K HDs:

  • Fujitsu MAS3367NC
  • 146GB Maxtor 15K II

HD Tips & FAQ

  • The O2's internal SCSI HBA is Single Ended (SE) SCSI. When considerng a LVD SCSI HD, you have to check if the drive comes with a "Force SE Mode" jumper which should be enabled.
  • PARITY should also be enabled on any HD to be attached to the O2.
  • What about SCSI-to-IDE bridges?
    • AEC-7720UW Ultra Wide SCSI-to-IDE Bridge
    • Yamaha V769970
  • What about external storage options?
    • --Coming Soon--

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