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SGI Origin 3000

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Memory Subsystem

Origin 3000 C bricks offer four banks of two slots each, resulting in anywhere from 512MB to 8GB of RAM per brick. The later Cx bricks can accommodate up to 16 banks of two slots each, for a range of 512MB to 32GB. The DIMMS used are compatible with those used in the SGI Fuel, SGI Origin 300, SGI Origin 350, and the SGI Tezro.

All models based on the Origin 3000 architecture use Double Data Rate (DDR) synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM), at the lowest level organized into banks of two DIMMs each - memory may only be added or removed from the system in pairs of two DIMMs. Both DIMMs within a bank must be of the same density, however two different banks may hold different density DIMMs from each other.

SGI produced DIMMs with capacities of 256MB to 1GB, using DRAM chips with densities of either 128 Mbits or 256 Mbits. All DIMMs include directory memory to support cache coherence between local and remote memory, but some parts include "premium" directory memory which is recommended for configurations with more than 128 processors. Memory was generally marketed in kits of two DIMMs, where the capacity of the kit would be given as 512MB, 1GB, or 2GB.

The following table shows the part numbers for individual DIMMs according to their capacity.

Origin 3000 Family DIMM Part Numbers
Capacity Standard Directory Premium Directory Notes
256 MB 030-1018-00x
512 MB 030-1044-00x, 030-1746-00x,

DATARAM 63610?

030-1041-00x, 030-1042-00x,

DATARAM 63673 ?

1 GB 030-1850-00x,

DATARAM 63646?


DATARAM 63674?


This is an 18U-high enclosure that supports the Infinite Reality graphics subsystem.

Cannot get graphics from G-brick after flashing PROM

Run "setenv console g" from the prom command monitor or "nvram console g" from IRIX

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  • 007-4311-002 - SGI Origin 3000 Series Technical Configuration Owner’s Guide