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The SGI Prism is a series of visualization systems developed and manufactured by Silicon Graphics. Released in April 2005 [1], the Prism's basic system architecture is based on the Altix 3000 servers, but with the notable inclusion of graphics hardware.

Three models of the SGI Prism exist: the Power, Team and Extreme levels. The Power level supports two to eight Itanium 2 processors, up to 96 GB of memory and two to four graphics pipes. The Team level supports 8 to 16 Itanium 2 processors, up to 192 GB of memory and four to eight graphics pipes. The Extreme level supports 16 to 256 Itanium 2 processors, up to 3 TB of memory and 4 to 16 graphics pipes.

The graphics pipes used in the Prism are ATI FireGL cards based on either the R350 or R420 GPUs.

Hard Drive Carriers


The Origin/Onyx 350, Prism, Altix 350, and Altix 450/4x00 all use the same drive carriers. These are standard parts used by a number of manufacturers, notably Intel's SC5200, SRSH4, SR1300/2300, and SR1400/2400 and Sun's v60x and v65x servers.

The units carry "Assy A65278-00x" on a sticker, where the "-00x" may end in any digit though "-005" seems common. This assembly number can be useful when searching for parts in the Internet. According to SR1300/SR2300 support documents at, the Intel accessory part number for the drive carrier is FXX2DRVCARBLK, UPC code "7 35858 14621 0" and "MM #" 835853. However note that there is some indication that Intel may recycle these accessory part numbers in the FXX- form between different models.

As of early 2011 these drive sleds are commonly available on eBay for US$10.

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